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Google removed one of its most useful but unknown features

The company has decided to remove some browser tools, including some that were very useful (Photo: RTV News)

The company Google has added tools and functions in the browser that are executed through searches with specific words. For example, when you search for “calculator”, the una widget appears at the top and you can quickly perform operations. Something similar happens with the queries “translator” or “time”, among many others that can be found.

One of them was implemented in 2013when Google introduced a little feature to its tool that didn’t really have much to do with search: a timer. All users had to do was type in phrases like “14 minute timer” or “2 hour timer” and Google would generate a widget for them. would start the countdown automatically.

However, the bad news is that for some reason, unknown until now, the company has decided to eliminate of its functions both the timer and the chronometer.

Now, these quite useful tools, they have disappeared (at least in the browser version), and they no longer appear when performing the corresponding query.

Saying goodbye to Google’s timer

For those who have not used or known this function, it is already late, however they must know that thanks to it it was possible to set a timer through a query to the browserwithout the need to access a web page.

Now, instead, when performing the query “Set a timer of X minutes”, or simply, “timer”, only related search results are displayedincluding videos of Youtube.

Google tools and stopwatch are gone (Photo: Google)
Google tools and stopwatch are gone (Photo: Google)

It is unknown why this tool has been removed next to the stopwatch. However, it only affects the browser through the browser: if we ask it to set a timer through the assistant of Google or of search widget of Androidit is possible to use this tool as usual.

Some users speculate that improvements may be underway and changes in both utilitiesand that they might return sooner or later to the seeker, but this is not certain.

Gmail with a new design

The last update of gmail It is now available. The company has announced that it has already started display the new look of the desktop versionwith a revamped interface, based on the Material You or Material Design 3 design lines, which were first introduced along with Android 12.

Google announced the Gmail redesign in January 2022, and has been running various tests since then. But so far it has displayed all the feedback necessary to refine the experience of gmail to the point of being ready for a global launch.

Thus, from today, August 1, the integrated view of gmail will be activated by default for all users of the mail service who have activated the C functionhat.

The most important thing about this change is on the left side of the screen: the apps menu allows you to switch between different apps from Google WorkspaceWhat gmailChat, Spaces either Meet. At any time, it will be possible to choose which applications should appear in the menuand which ones they decide to hide.

In addition, the so-called “search chip”, which consist of small buttons that will appear when carrying out a search whose objective is to facilitate the process of finding emails, contacts, files or content within the messages themselves.

Google presents new Gmail interface (Photo:
Google presents new Gmail interface (Photo:

Regarding the user interface, gmail now use a light blue tone for the background and the different elements of the applicationalthough it is still possible change the theme of the mail client from the settings menu.

On the other hand, the company has confirmed that an update with even more new features will be released soon, including an improved experience for tablet users, better emojis, new accessibility features and much more.


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