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Google presents the Colombian as a model digital entrepreneur in Latin America

Giovanni Stella, director of Google Colombia

The digital transformation in Colombia it continues to advance steadily and according to data from the National Association of Industrialists (Andi), in 2021 it was possible to register that 60% of small and medium-sized companies had a plan to introduce their businesses to the internet.


Taking into account the good outlook in the country, TechMarkup spoke with Giovanni Stella, director of Google Colombiawho in an exclusive interview, indicated that the technology company has projects that promote the development of digital skills among Colombians.

These programs are part of the company’s plan to commit to digital transformation in the country. ”We believe that we can foster digital transformation by supporting the generation of digital skills of citizens and SMEs”. In addition, he explained that there are educational activities aimed at obtaining this achievement that can benefit the Colombian public in its development.


Stella indicated that Colombia is a country with great potential in terms of the development of the digital economy, so it is necessary for citizens to be at the center of the digital transformation process. So that’s why Google is running a series of educational activities to prepare you for this change.

”We have an agreement with the National Apprenticeship Service (Sign) that seeks to train thousands of instructors so that, through them, we can reach tens of thousands of apprentices,” he assured TechMarkup. Also, he cited the case of the initiativeI’m already onlinewhich it carries out in conjunction with the Chamber of Electronic Commerce and which seeks to bring the products and services of small and medium-sized companies to a Marketplace.


Similarly, because you can’t talk about digital transformation without educating the audience. I’m Already Online, it is also a means of training so that they can learn new skills related to a more digital environment.

”On this platform we have alliances with many companies from all industries that teach courses. There are more than 130 courses that are on the platform and that today reach almost 12,000 registered companies. It is a project that is being very successful and will probably be applied in other countries like Peru”, he stated.

Digital transformation of the tourism sector

An important economic sector for Colombians is tourism. In fact, according to data from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, between January and August 2022, the number of non-resident visitors to Colombia increased 175.8% compared to the previous year. That is why Stella affirmed that Google’s Active Tourism initiative was developed in conjunction with the Colombo-American Chamber of Commerce and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with the aim of certifying business owners in this area.


The representative told TechMarkup that “these initiatives fall within the framework of what we do trying to reach as many people as possible. With large companies we work hand in hand trying to advise and provide support in digital transformation processes”.

In addition, Google supports other organizations in the use of Google Cloud tools for new technologies to be developed with artificial intelligence and machine learning. “We have a lot to offer because of our focus on education,” he stated.

Giovanni Stella also pointed out during his interview with TechMarkup that Google has clear objectives on issues such as Diversity and inclusion, therefore, work has also been done on granting scholarships to people who belong to disadvantaged populations.

“There is a specific project that gives access to the Internet to 1,200 women and through them, to all their families so that they can study entrepreneurship and acquire digital skills to later strengthen their income,” she assured.

He added that Google announced the launch of 2,650 scholarships for students from disadvantaged populations or women.

The profile of the Colombian entrepreneur

The director of Google Colombia also added that Colombia has great entrepreneurial potential because an entire ecosystem that favors entrepreneurship has been strengthened.

Stella identified the country as a “unicorn factory”, companies that emerge as startups and that reach a value of 1,000 million dollars without having a presence on the stock market.

”There are several success stories in Colombia. Only in the technological field have revolutionary companies been achieved, such as Rappi, Platzi, among others… The profile of Colombians is that of an entrepreneur who works hard and takes risks”, concluded Stella, because for him, young people are talented and there is a large number of digital natives who have the conditions to make Colombia a business engine in the region.


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