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Google Play will remove these applications for not meeting certain requirements

Google is ready to implement new measures to provide additional security for users when downloading and using Applications from Play Store. In particular, the company warned developers that Apps that haven’t been updated for a while to adapt to new versions of Android will no longer show up in your app store and therefore will not be available to users.


The company confirmed on its official developer blog that the measure will begin on November 1, 2022. Above all, this new regime will apply to apps available on Google Play that two years without receiving any update from the developer. While there are likely to be apps that don’t require constant updates, the carrier mountain view says it’s important that they all support the latest versions of Android.

Therefore, creators who do not update their apps and include at least one API available two years after the last version of Android, they will see how their apps no longer appear on the Google Play website, therefore the number of newly installed users will be reduced considerably.

There are not many applications found in this context


Google assures that the main reason is to provide additional protection to users, since outdated apps do not include security and privacy features announced in newer versions of Android.

However, the company explains that there are very few applications that do not receive the corresponding updates. Besides, will provide additional tools for developers with outdated apps on Google Play to update them with new security measures.


“As of November 1, 2022, existing apps that do not target an API level within two years of the last major version of Android will not be available for discovery or installation to new users with devices running Android. Android OS versions higher than the apps target API level. As new versions of the Android OS launch in the future, the requirement window will be adjusted accordingly. Google on the official blog for Android developers.

Google Play Store continues to apply measures to strengthen user privacy and security

A few months ago, Google Play also adopted several security and privacy measures for its application platform. In particular, Google is forcing developers who publish their apps to be more transparent about the data they collect from users. It also prohibits data requests that are not related to any functionality of the application.

Google It also does not allow publishing applications that promote sexual content. Among them, apps for sexual encounters or with explicit content, such as pornography.


It should be remembered that the company carries out a review process for each application to be published in the Google Play Store. As a result, they are blocked even before they are available on the platform.

Best games on the Google Play Store for April

– Wood Block Puzzle – Block Games

Wood Block Puzzle a classic wood style block puzzle game. Qblock (its other name) challenges you to place blocks of different shapes on a 10×10 grid. It is a true classic game, with no time limit and totally eliminated.

It is a block puzzle game similar to Tetriswith a woody style.

-Moon Blast

From creators of Toy Blast The ultimate puzzle game is coming with brand new gameplay and endless fun.

Users can enter the crazy world of cartoons starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy lots of challenging levels.

Cubes can be exploded and create powerful combos to pass the levels. The object of the game is Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang complete all the levels as they travel through magical worlds.

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