Google Play Store: the 6 new applications of the week

Google Play Store: the 6 new applications of the week
Google Play Store. (photo: AndroidHelp)

Every week, all kinds of new Applications free in Google Play Store and, among them, it is always good to choose the most outstanding ones to include them in the best recommendations that TechMarkup can bring about apps and games.

That is why, on this occasion, in this article they have been compiled for all the readers of Android a total of 6 new apps from Google Play that must be tested.

Trending hashtags for Instagram

If you want to be one of the content creators most popular in Instagram, this app is just what one needs as it helps to get more likes and followers by suggesting hashtags with the most appropriate # for posts.

Thanks to this application, the posts will be more attractive to Instagram users and the user’s profile will be among the most viewed on Instagram. social network property of Goal.

Trending hashtags for Instagram.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Trending hashtags for Instagram. (photo: Google Play Store)

Status Saver for WhatsApp

If the person reading this note uses a lot WhatsAppyou will love Status Saver for WhatsApp, as this application, as its name suggests, will allow you to save the images and videos of the States of your contacts in the gallery of the smartphone.

This free application has a built-in player with which you can see directly from it all the photos and videos downloaded from the WhatsApp States without having to resort to third-party applications and, in addition, it will also allow rename, share and delete uploaded images or videos.

Status Saver for WhatsApp.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Status Saver for WhatsApp. (photo: Google Play Store)


One of the new Play Store apps that TechMarkup recommends trying is Utodo, a tool through which they will be able to review all pending tasks and improve habits.

Utodo has a simple and minimalist interface that allows you to focus only on the tasks that remain to be done. In addition, with Utodo it is very easy to create all kinds of missions, as well as customize them with different colors and with the desired repetition frequency.

But that’s not all, since Utodo also allows store completed tasks and set up alerts that notify you of pending tasks with a series of different reminder tones, so that each melody can be associated with a specific type of mission.

Utodo.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Utodo. (photo: Google Play Store)


If it’s okay to personalize your Android phone’s home screen with unique and original wallpapers, you can’t help but try Walltap, a free application that Automatically sets high-quality wallpapers every day, in Full HD or 4K resolution.

The application also has a tab where you can see the most downloaded wallpapers, a search engine that allows you to quickly and easily find your favorite wallpapers and a system of Notifications that will notify you when new wallpapers are added to the app.

Walltap.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Walltap. (photo: Google Play Store)


RPB Tunnel VPN is a VPN client with which you can connect to a large number of servers around the worldbelonging to a service provider in the cloud very popular, Digital Ocean, thus browsing the Internet safely and accessing restricted multimedia content in the country of origin.

RPB Tunnel VPN is an application completely free with ads which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

RPB Tunnel VPN.  (photo: Google Play Store)
RPB Tunnel VPN. (photo: Google Play Store)


If you are looking for a way to get cryptocurrencies Without spending money, then Btcstaic is the app for one, because thanks to it you can start to accumulate bitcoins without spending a dime.

Btcstaic pays Bitcoin for playing games, trying out certain apps, or taking daily surveys. Also, if you invite friends with a Reference codethe user can increase his earnings, since coins will be obtained every time the application is used, which is then may exchange for Bitcoins, another currency or other electronics devices.

Btcstaic.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Btcstaic. (photo: Google Play Store)