Google Pixel Watch price: is it going to be as expensive as the Apple Watch?

When is it finally coming, the Google Pixel Watch? There is still nothing binding. But there is increasing evidence that 2022 will actually be the year the Pixel clock will be launched. If the sources are correct, the Google Pixel Watch price will be similar to Apple Watch.

  • Google Pixel Watch is due to appear with WearOS 3 in 2022
  • Fitbit is obviously not involved in the development
  • The first features have been announced


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What is actually worse: products that are published unfinished? Or vaporware, i.e. products that should have been in the pipeline for years but somehow never appear? Okay, in fairness it has to be said that the Google Pixel Watch doesn’t actually fall into the vaporware category because it was never really advertised by Google.

Nevertheless, we have been talking about this smartwatch for years without having seen it so far, but now several sources are saying that something will actually happen with the smart pixel clock in 2022, so really now!

Google Pixel Watch with WearOS 3 is coming in 2022

Both Business Insider and The Verge unanimously report that we will finally see this legendary watch from Mountain View in the new year. Both publications refer to sources that are close and can therefore provide reliable information about the Pixel Watch.

It is far from clear whether the Google watch will actually be called the Pixel Watch. But we learn that the watch on which Google’s in-house WearOS 3 is used will actually finally be unleashed on humanity next year. The watch should – of course – be able to find Google’s WearOS 3, which we have only seen on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which also adorns our article picture above.


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As with the Pixel 6, Google now also wants to show what is technically feasible with its Pixel Watch with its Smartwatches. However, many features have not yet been leaked. The sources only mention a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. Both features are so rudimentary that we would expect them on a high-quality smartwatch from Google anyway.

Galaxy Watch 4 01
How big will the difference between “naked” WearOS 3 and Samsung’s One UI Watch be? / © Samsung / Screenshot-NextPit

Is the Pixel Watch going to be as expensive as the Apple Watch?

The fact that there is still more to come in terms of functionality can also be seen from the fact that insiders say that the Pixel Watch is definitely not going to be a cheap watch. Instead, it should rather be located in the climes in which the Apple Watch is also on the move. Perhaps that’s disappointing if you were hoping for a particularly cheap Google watch. On the other hand, it fuels the hope that Google will really flex its muscles here and show what is in the recently neglected WearOS 3.


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The wearable OS is already used on the Galaxy Watch 4, but there with the “One UI Watch” overlay, which Samsung and Google have been working on together. Speaking of “tinkering together”: According to the sources, Google subsidiary Fitbit should not have been involved in the development of the Pixel Watch.

What is the bottom line of new knowledge left for us? That we can wait again for the Google Pixel Watch in 2022 and then finally find out how WearOS 3 presents itself beyond Samsung. Are you curious, or would you prefer to get a smartwatch from the Google competition beforehand?

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