Google Pixel 6 without charger?? “The same procedure as every launch”

Google has confirmed to “The Verge” that hardware will also be delivered from Mountain View without a charger in the future. The start is made by the Google Pixel 6, which is planned for autumn, along with its big brother, the Pixel 6 Pro. With the announcement, Google is initiating a debate on the Internet that we have already experienced several times this year.

  • Google Pixel 6 without a charger
  • Google confirmed this to the US magazine The Verge
  • Decision-based on the fact that everyone already has a USB-C power supply

First Apple omitted the power supply unit of the iPhone 12, then Samsung and Xiaomi followed and now the wave of omissions is also finding its way into Google. The search giant told The Verge that Google’s hardware will also be delivered without a power supply in the future. First of all, this should affect the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. Even the reasons are pretty much the same as those of the other companies down to the last word.


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Google Pixel 6
The new pixel smartphones should appear in the fall. / © Google

Why there is no Charger in Pixel 6?

As a first argument, Google cites the fact that there are already USB-C chargers in many households. So it seems pointless to send another charger to countless households. This argument goes hand in hand with environmental protection. But “The Verge” shows at the same time how complicated this subject is. Because, even if this cannot be proven, the no charger in Pixel 6 policy could benifit to third-party providers for power supplies.

An argument that is sure to come up again now: It all looks pretty much like greenwashing. “Greenwashing” describes company tactics that are supposed to wash a white environmental protection vest without the company actually having to do anything for the environment. This was the result of a survey in the NextPit community when Samsung left the power supply unit off the Galaxy S21. The question arises: Has your opinion on omitting power supplies changed?

If you want, please discuss the topic again in the comments! You may have bought a cell phone without a power supply in the meantime and can report whether you had a charger flying around at home.


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