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Google Pixel 6 will Support 23 watt wireless charging

According to a leak, wireless charging on the Google Pixel 6 will be much faster than we were used to from the Pixel smartphones.

  • Android Police reports exclusively on a new booth for the Google Pixel 6
  • Wireless charging should be possible with up to 23 watts
  • We owe the leak to a US dealer who already listed the information

The smartphones of the Google Pixel series are very popular in many places. Some even like the Google Phones so much that they launch petitions so that, for example, a Google Pixel 5a is made available worldwide. The success should certainly not have to do with wireless charging – because up to now this has been more leisurely with up to 10 watts.


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Charge Google Pixel 6 wirelessly with up to 23 watts in the future

According to an exclusive report from Android Police, however, we can now look forward to the fact that Google is significantly increasing its wireless charging speed. They found a US dealer who was already leaking information about the new Google Pixel booth. There is talk of the “Google Pixel 23W WL Stand”, which indicates that the Google Pixel 6 could be charged wirelessly with up to 23 watts. Here you can also see it in the picture:

Pixel Stand 23 watt wireless charging
The picture reveals that a US dealer was once again too fast / © Android Police

Sure, this is not yet officially confirmed information and it could theoretically be a typo. But if this information is confirmed, we will be able to charge the new Pixel 6 smartphones more than twice as fast as before.

Chinese manufacturers will of course only smile wearily at this speed. We remember that providers like Xiaomi have already charged smartphones wirelessly with 120 watts in their first attempts. How healthy this is for the battery is of course on another piece of paper.


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Nevertheless, it is a clear improvement and, for example, more than the 15 watts that Samsung currently offers us. There are certainly several reasons to look forward to the release of the Google Pixel 6 series – as of today, the loading speed is also included, or how do you see it?

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