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Google Photos is updated: now users can see a movie of their lives

New features in Google Photos. (photo: Google)

Starting today, users of Google Photos have access to new functions of the app. Google announced the arrival of a number of new tools on its platform to store and organize photos and videos on the cloudincluding a collage maker and the ability to share ‘Memories’ with others.

As for the first novelty, it is worth mentioning that, although Google Photos has had a powerful integrated image editor for many years, until now the possibility of create compositions with some images.

On the other hand, Memories can now be shared with other app users. And not only that, because the interface of these memories has been redesigned for a better experience.

Memories will have instrumental music and effects

Google Photos is revamping ‘Memories’ or ‘Memories’ to show more videos starting today, including best snippets of the longest videos. Google Photos will automatically select and crop these videos to show the moments that matter most.

For still images, Google Photos brings them to life by applying a very subtle zoom effect to add movement to memories.

But that’s not all, starting next month Google will begin to add music to some of these memories, acting with a combination of movement and instrumental melodies that make these moments more exciting.

New features in Google Photos.  (photo: Google)
New features in Google Photos. (photo: Google)

To make it even better and bring memories to life, Google Photos is also launching a new Cinematic memories. These are new memories in which a series of cinematographic photographs with 3D effects will be seen that convert still photographs into videos with animation of this nature.

Google Photos also takes inspiration from old scrapbooks to showcase memories. In the new function called stylesyou’ll see how Memories can add graphic art to highlight photos as if they were in a photo album.

For a limited time, you can take a look at the styles created by the star artists Shantell Martin Y Lisa Congdon.

New features in Google Photos.  (photo: Google)
New features in Google Photos. (photo: Google)

Users will be able to share all their memories

Only users could see their own Google Photos memories, but now full memories can be shared.

Until now, it was only possible to share photos or videos that appeared stored, but now you can share a full selection of photos and videos.

New features in Google Photos.  (photo: Google)
New features in Google Photos. (photo: Google)

Google Photos brings a new image editor

Finally, Google Photos also launches a new collage editor that makes it easy to create different photos together to share. Now you can choose a design (including featured artist styles) and easily rearrange selected photos simply dragging them to the desired location.

You can also modify photos from the collage editor to adjust brightness or contrast, apply filters and more. Google One or Pixel users will have access to “premium” editing features like Portrait Light either HDR in your collage, and more than 30 extra designs.

New features in Google Photos.  (photo: Google)
New features in Google Photos. (photo: Google)

How to change the quality of images in Google Photos to save space

In the settings of Photossimply select Memory saving as image download quality.

Quality in Google Photos.  (photo: the confidential)
Quality in Google Photos. (photo: the confidential)

You can also compress any existing downloads, but keep in mind that the original quality will be lost, so you may want to make a backup first.

You have to do this on the web by going to Once inside, click on the option Claim Space and the changes will be applied.

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