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Google opens call to support media and communication projects

Google News Initiative announces the third edition of GNI Innovation Challenge (Innovation Challenge) for Latin America and invites the media and communication projects in the region to send their request.


This call seeks innovative projects that help journalists or organizations in the creation of new business models to promote a more sustainable and diverse media ecosystem in the region.

The purpose of the call


Google Challenges aim to partner with people and/or media companies from around the world and provide them with the tools to grow digital journalism in the region and allow them to develop new business models.

The award will fund up to 70% of the projects awarded, approximately USD$250,000.


In 2019, the first Latin American Innovation Challenge was held, in which more than 300 projects participated and 30 were selected from 10 countries. The second edition, held last year, had winners in media such as:

The Gazette in Argentina.

Associação Fiquem Knowing in Brazil.


The universal In colombia.

– Y PTR in Peru.

What Google is looking for for this version of the Challenge

Google News Initiative seeks innovational projects, focused on (but not limited to) the following areas:

– Ways to increase reader engagement and/or revenue.

– Improve workflow efficiency in newsrooms.

– New technologies for journalism and communication.

– Expand and diversify business models.

– New content delivery methods.

– Increase confidence in journalism.

– Fight disinformation.

Who can apply to the call

The call will close on June 7, 2022 at 6:59 pm Peru and Colombia time (23:59 GMT).

Google recommends that applications are preferably in English, but they will be accepted in Spanish or Portuguese. These must be done online through the website:

Other data to take into account

– There will be a session of questions and online help next April 28 at 11 am (Peru time)in order to resolve doubts.

– Also available this website of Questions and Answers.

– For more information Google invites users to enter the GNI website.

Google’s recommendations for media around the world

– When a reader consumes content from various topics, they are more likely to subscribe.

– Less than half of all digital content produced by newsrooms was consumed by readers who became subscribers.

– The value proposition for subscribers in Latin America often extends beyond journalism (ie discounts and coupons on goods and services).

– There are diminishing returns on the propensity to subscribe due to the increased frequency of visits.

– Increasing the number of known users significantly increases the propensity for subscriptions.

– Publishers, in general, should adopt more restrictive paywall strategies than they currently have.

– Minimizing friction in the purchase process can have a significant positive impact on the subscription conversion rate.

– Readers in Latin America are generally more price sensitive than in other regions, but differentiated pricing can increase average revenue per user.

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