Google One VPN: Unfortunately not for every user

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Google is now also launching an integrated VPN service for the Google One cloud service. However, this is not an extra that can be booked, but a bonus in the currently largest (private) Google One VPN subscription.

With immediate effect, Google is launching the VPN function for all Google One users, which the online giant introduced in the USA last year. It now offers Android users an additional security function and all the advantages that a VPN solution offers.

However, Google has decided to initially only add VPN for free for paying customers who have opted for the largest Google One subscription: The Google One app for Android and the subscription with at least 2 TB of storage space are required.

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Complement for smartphone security

Only then can the new extra be activated. Google also explained why the VPN feature is considered important and a good addition to smartphone security.

Google One vpn subscription prices
The prices of Google One at a glance! / © Google

It says: “VPNs have now left their niche existence and their use is becoming more and more normal. In December 2019, up to 25% of all Internet users accessed a VPN. Unfortunately, not all VPN providers have proven themselves to be trustworthy: some Services have security gaps, others require unnecessary access to users ‘data or sell the data that users want to protect with the VPN. Still, others log their users’ online activities despite promises to the contrary. ” Google, therefore, wants to offer an alternative.

How to activate the Google One VPN feature

  • Download and start the Google One app for Android
  • Click on “Advantages” in the menu
  • Select “VPN” / “Details”
  • Activate VPN using the “On” button

The Android app is available free of charge in the Play Store. Google has now published an overview in which all important questions about the new offer are answered.

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