Google offers these free tools to learn to read

Google offers these free tools to learn to read
(photo: Google)

The technologies they bring opportunities in literacy, not only in the classroom, but also to accompany the little ones from home.

Every September 8th the International Literacy Day, established by UNESCO to raise awareness of the importance of literacy as a factor of dignity and human rights.

To collaborate with this task of incorporating reading habits and transforming learning spaces, Google shares tools to help in this process.

What to look for about literacy

Examining the search interest in many countries of Latin America for the term “Learn to read” in the last 5 years at Google, you can see that it has remained constant, reaching a peak in May 2020.

While some of the queries associated with the term are “alphabet to print”, “sentences to learn to read”, “activities to learn to read and write in primary school”, “how to learn to read” and “stories to learn to read” , among other.

In Youtubein the same period, the search interest for the same term, some related queries on the rise coincide with those made in the Search Engine.

YouTube logo (Getty Images)
YouTube logo (Getty Images)

Read Along

Over the last 3 years, more than 30 million children have read more than 120 million stories on Read Along. Is free app available for Androidaccompanies the little ones to learn to read with the help of the reading assistant, Diya.

While reading aloud, Diya listens and provides encouraging feedback to correct and help youngsters develop their reading skills. The application is available for Android and recently the beta version of website to make the tool accessible to more people.

Read Along.  (photo: Google)
Read Along. (photo: Google)

This way, families will be able to use Read Along on big screens logging in with your accounts As with the app, voice recognition is done in the browser, so voice data is private and is not sent to any server.

The Read Along site is compatible with different browsers, such as Chrome, firefox Y Edgeand will soon be available for iOS Y Safari. In addition to this release, new stories have recently been added.

For this, Google partnered with two YouTube content creators, Chu Chu TV Y USP Studiosto adapt some of his videos into a storybook format.

Chu Chu TV.  (photo:
Chu Chu TV. (photo:

Reading tools on Google Play Books

This app (available for free for Android and iOS) promotes reading by grouping together eBooks, audiobooks, comics, and manga. During last year, Google PlayBooks integrated reading tools to help the little ones to incorporate the habit of reading and enjoy the experience.

Some of the features included are: read and listen that narrates a book and highlights the text that is read aloud; Y Dictionary for children (tap to read and kid friendly dictionary), which lets you tap a word to hear it read aloud and provides definitions for a young audience, often with illustrations to clarify concepts.

By browsing the Google Play Books application, you can find a wide catalog of books for boys and girls up to 8 years old, and the vast majority have reading tools enabled. You can also download a free sample of any children’s book to confirm if the tools are enabled for that title before purchasing the book.

GooglePlayBooks.  (photo: TabletZona)
GooglePlayBooks. (photo: TabletZona)

Take advantage of YouTube Kids in the month of reading

The app offers a new category of content every month so that little ones can learn, play and explore the world independently.

During this month, in YouTube Kids You can find a special reading category to accompany families and their little ones in the learning process and promote the habit. Some of the playlists available, include videos of:

– The Children’s Kingdom.

– The National Museum of Fine Arts