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Google no longer allows access to podcasts from its search engine

As of today, producers and consumers of this type of content will not be able to find them on this platform. (Google)

From February 13, 2023, the seeker of Google will not allow access to the thousands of podcast shows on your service “Google Podcasts”, from search results that people can see.

GoogleSearch will stop displaying podcast carousels for the February 13th. As a result, all clicks and impressions on the ‘How people found your show’ section will be reduced to zero after this date,” this is the company’s message when searching as before.

Now, if producers want to keep information about the data of your programs in Google Podcastscan be downloaded from a link that was also sent to you.

Google Podcasts will no longer show shows in a carousel format as search results in Google Search.  (Twitter/Azeem Digital)
Google Podcasts will no longer show shows in a carousel format as search results in Google Search. (Twitter/Azeem Digital)

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The reason for the elimination of this form of access to the programs distributed by the Google Podcast platform, as stated by a spokesman of the company, it would be to concentrate on a new tool and way of presenting this type of contents call “What to Podcast” that would maintain the carousel format, but would be optimized to favor user navigation as other platforms such as Spotify either Deezer.

The reason for the change presentation between the shape of the results of search and the current one, which is already available to platform users at USAwould be that the programs would be distributed in different categories and would be added search filters for personalize further enhance the experience of users who wish to play their favorite shows on the platform Google.

Even if the Format of the presentation through different carousels corresponding to the categories available on the platform Googleunlike the old format, what to podcast It will also have a button called “More shows” at the bottom of the screen with which you can explore more options content.

Google will include a directory of popular podcasts as a search result.  (9to5Google)
Google will include a directory of popular podcasts as a search result. (9to5Google)

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On the other hand, the recommendations that will be presented in this presentation of contents will work in a similar way to how other platforms specialized in the distribution of podcastsince they will be influenced by the tastes of the users and their behavior during their search sessions in Google.

Relevant aspects for the search engine such as past searcheshistory of navigation, podcast past and preferences will be part of the considerations that the function system will have to recommend content that is potentially interesting for users. usersalthough they will be able to choose not to have recommended podcasts.

In the event that users do wish to have these contents in their accounts and on your platform What to Podcast, the company recommends that you first log in from your account Googleso that preferences can be assigned to a specific profile and that can be displayed on any other device that has started the session thus.

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Although the availability of this service is only enabled for users of USAit is not ruled out that this could be extended to other countries and regions of the world to replace google podcast and his platform.

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