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Google Nest can be used as a digital photo frame

The Nest smart displays They were launched as a complement to Google’s digital assistant, since you can take advantage of it to control smart home devices, know the weather, listen to music, watch Netflix, and even use it to frame photos, which can change depending on the user. you want it.

There are other screens on the market that serve as digital photo frameshowever, Google Display has a snap feature that allows make the photo look like print within a frame, rather than a digital photo viewed on a computer screen.

Although its cost can be high, the quality and the ease it offers to be used as a digital photo frame, among other tasks, can be a good attraction.

For photos, Google has a feature called Live albums that automatically update albums with new images without having to change them manually. Also, photo albums can be shared with anyone with a Google Photos account, which can help remotely update someone’s photos.

For example, grandparents can have the most recent images of their grandchildren on their Nest.

To put photos on Nestappearing to be printed images within a frame, the following steps must be taken into account:

– First you must download and install the Google Photos application on your cell phone or tablet (it does not matter if it is iOS or Android).

– From the application go to Library and touch + to create a new album.

– An existing album can be chosen for editing and selected for slideshow.

– Alternatively, you can set up Google Live Albums, which include Friends and Family (images of your favorite people and/or pets as identified by Google’s facial recognition feature), Recent Highlights, and Favorites. These are automatically updated once you have them up and running.

How to view photo albums as slideshows on a Nest Hub

Once you have the albums arranged, you can select any of them to be displayed on Nest Hub. They are chosen directly from the Hub or through the Google Home app. It should be remembered that it is not necessary to have Android, since it can also be done from iOS.

From the Nest Hub, the following steps must be followed:

– Say “Hey Google, change the photo frame”, or swipe up from the bottom and select Settings.

– Press Photo frame > Google Photos.

After that, the list of available albums will appear. You must select the ones you want to show on the Nest screen.

From the Google Home app

– You must open the Google Home app and select the Settings icon on the home screen and then select the Photo Frame.

– A list of albums will be available. You must select the one or those you want to display.

For customize the look of the slideshow on the Nest Hub You can go to the Google Home app and from the main screen, touch the Settings icon, then select Photo Frame.

After that you will see a variety of options to activate or deactivate the weather, the time, photo data among others to leave the screen as it best suits the user’s style and activities. With this, the Nest can be used as a digital photo frame.



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