Home Tech News Google Meet for students is updated with 15 tools

Google Meet for students is updated with 15 tools

Google Meet for students is updated with 15 tools
Google Meet for Teachers can automatically transcribe lessons to a Google Doc. (Photo: TekCrispy)
Google Meet for Teachers can automatically transcribe lessons to a Google Doc. (Photo: TekCrispy)

The days when virtual classrooms were the norm seem to be over. However, many are habits inherited from this not so distant era, and companies like Google either zoom They have seen how a commercial niche was consolidated that they now want to capitalize on.

That’s one of the reasons why the giant G has just announced new updates of google-meet, Chromebooks Y Google Classroomwith the aim of providing better experiences and resources for teachers and students, who have increasingly digital profiles.

Google Meet adds transcripts automatically


Perhaps the most exciting thing about this update is the ability that Google offers to people who use the versions Teach and Learn and Plus of Google Workspace for Educationsince now here they will be able to record Meet calls to send them to a Google document.

That’s not the only thing Meet adds. Google is also carrying surveys and question-and-answer sessions for teachers who use Meet to livestream their lessons, which could open up more opportunities for interactivity. These features were already available in standard meetings, but not during live broadcasts.

GoogleMeet.  (photo: Read Latest Tech News Online With Saejob)
GoogleMeet. (photo: Read Latest Tech News Online With Saejob)

The tech giant is also expanding the reach of Meet live streams, as it now allows schools to broadcast live events, such as school board meetings or assemblies, directly to Youtube.

With these improvements, Google seeks to maintain its leadership in the digital education market, which has experienced significant growth after the pandemic.

Other important updates from Google

In addition to the aforementioned, a new novelty is the inclusion of the transmission Controller Mode, available for some devices google tvwhich allows teachers and students to wirelessly share Chromebok screens to classroom monitors with an access token, ensuring that only people in the same room or space have streaming options.

Also, Google is adding features like Screencast (built into Chrome OS in version M103), which provides options to:

– Engrave.

– Cut.

– View and share transcribed videos on the screen.

At the same time, it allows you to create a custom video library which is automatically saved in google drive.

In parallel, Google added more than 15 Edutech tools (such as Kahoot! and Pear Deck) so that teachers and students can access them with a simple login and without browsing third-party websites.

Kahoot for Google Meet.  (photo: Kahoot)
Kahoot for Google Meet. (photo: Kahoot)

How to take a poll during a video call on Google Meet

1. During the development of a video call, you have to go to the bottom of the screen and in the right corner locate the option of Activities (the icon with a small triangle, square, and circle). Click on this function.

two. Now you just have to choose Pollfollowed by Start a survey.

3. The moderator must enter a question, in addition to the options that the meeting attendees can choose from in order to validate their vote.

Four. In this step there are two choices that can be made: click on Throw to immediately publish the survey; or choose Save to do it later. However, in case of taking this last option, it should be remembered that when the video call ends, so will all the surveys that have been saved and that have not been answered.

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