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Google Maps: tricks to plan routes on Android

Users of Android what do they use Google Maps they have a lot of trip planning functions that not only serve to find the best route, but also the best time to travel or the areas to avoid when parking the car.

Next, TechMarkup brings 8 functions of Google Maps that will effectively help you plan a route for your next vacation, weekend getaway or long business trip.

Set driving and public transport options

The first thing to do when planning a trip is to customize the driving options. When a route is calculated, it is necessary to click ‘Options’. there you can avoid tolls, highways and/or ferries.

If you use public transport, you can find these options in the filters ‘all vehicles’ and ‘Best Routes’. There you can choose the preferred means of transport and if you want less transport, walk less, among others.

check the traffic

When the route to a destination is calculated, Google Maps will display the travel time in a color:

– The green it is without traffic.

– The Orange it is heavy traffic.

– The Red it is a very strong traffic and even retentions.

When displaying the indicators, you can see a graph with a traffic forecast for the next few hours. This will be very useful so that you can decide whether to delay the trip for a few hours or not.

Find out if there is parking available in the destination area

If a user is going to an unknown city or district and wants to avoid driving half an hour to park the car with Google Maps, they can search for the option ‘Difficulty parking’.

The route map can display messages about the typical difficulty of parking at the destination.

Add the routes on the home screen of the cell phone

Another cool feature, which allows you to save routes with stops, is the ability to add routes to the home screen.

Once the route and its stops have been calculated and selected, you can go to Menu > Add route to home screen.

will add a shortcut to the home screen along with the path.

Download the route

It is especially recommended to download the route if you are going to an unknown place, as this ensures that the application will continue to work correctly even when you can be in areas without connection to Internet during the journey.

crowded areas

Google Maps does not tell us which areas are easier to park, but it does tell us which areas are the busiest by painting them yellow next to an indicator.

In this way you can see which areas have more movement, as well as perhaps more traffic (therefore, with more difficulties to park).

Define the departure or arrival time

If the user will make a trip the next day and wants to know how long it will take to get there, the best thing to do is go to Menu > Set departure or arrival. Here you can choose the date and time of departure or arrival. With the arrival time, you can know what time you have to leave to arrive on time at the destination.

For public transport trips, this option is also found in the search filter. There you can choose the time of departure, arrival or departure of the last transport of the day, although it is always better to check the official public transport websites.

Add stops before you leave

Lastly, stops can be added before you start driving.

To do this, when calculating the route, you must access the menu Add stop. Stops can be added and reordered.

In addition, you can also add stops directly by browsing the site archives on the map with the option ‘Add a stop’.


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