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Google Maps now shows the price of tolls, road signs and the status of traffic lights

Google Maps, the map application preferred by many users, It has a voice that guides the user to navigate through the city roads. In this way, people can get directions without having to take their eyes off the road to see the screen of their smartphone.

And it is that it has undoubtedly become one of the best Applications from Google. Precisely, it has just been known that the technological giant has begun to implement a update that significantly improves the performance of Google Maps.

The improvements have a very clear objective: improve the way you get directions from one place to another.

This is one of the great uses that is given to the application that is being discussed in this article, and therefore it is a very interesting advance that, surely, it will save users time when going anywhere. Below TechMarkup brings all the news of the app:

Now there is the possibility of knowing how much a trip will cost thanks to the calculation of tolls

This is something very important, because it allows the user to know the expenses they will have to incur to use the highways once a route has been established, so much so that it can be check the final price of everything, until the specific price of the next toll.

Without a doubt, it is a good option that, yes, the different regions in which they can be used in Google Maps will be added little by little (where all the countries of Latin America).

Maps are more detailed when navigating

One of the most important novelties is know the precise location of traffic lights or stop signs. This will give much more precise information about the path being followed.

In addition, it allows Google Maps select one or the other options taking into account the aforementioned variables, in this way options that slow down traffic will be ignored.

New widgets and other new features for Google Maps on iOS

Taking advantage, Google has also announced a series of novelties that will arrive exclusively at iOS in the coming weeks, many of which were already available on Android.

The first is the possibility of add google maps widgets on the home screen of iPhone or iPad.

It will also be possible get navigation directions with a simple touch through the Apple Watch thanks to the new cards ‘Complication’ from Google for Apple Watch.

In addition, Google Maps now works better with SiriSpotlight, and the Shortcuts app, making it easy to get directions. This function will be available in less than a month for the countries of Latin America.

Another thing that has to do with the routes, but is not vital, is that now in the three dimensional graphics that appear on the screen while driving, you can see more details about buildings or points of interest (such as shopping centers or monuments).

Therefore, at a glance you will be able to know in a much more visual way the place you are passing through. All the changes are contained in the new update that is being implemented in Google Maps, but the activation will be done gradually from the company’s services mountain view.

Everything mentioned above will not be missing in any OS where the application is available, including Android Auto or car play. Without a doubt, this is excellent news.

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