Google makes it easier to share files between devices on Android

Apple users have always had the advantage of using AirDrop to share files between devices, while on Android it was more complicated. But with the launch of Nearby Share, the situation has improved on Android.


In 2020, Google launched this competing feature of AirDrop on Android. And recently, we learned that the firm has been working on improving Nearby Sharing.

In essence, the feature works great when wanting to send a file to someone’s device nearby. In contrast, Android’s Nearby Share doesn’t discriminate when sending a file to a device owned by the same person.


But that will change. Indeed, the improvement that Google was working on is currently being rolled out.

Google improves its alternative to AirDrop

As noted by the Android Authority site, Google has just launched an update to the “Google system” for Android devices. As the Mountain View firm notes in its announcement:


“Google system updates make your Android devices more secure and reliable, and give you useful new features. They concern the Android operating system, the Google Play Store and Google Play services. Google system updates are available on phones, tablets, Android TV and Google TV devices, Android Auto-enabled vehicles, Wear OS devices, and Chrome OS devices. »

And among the novelties of the May update, there is a change that concerns cars, smartphones as well as televisions. According to the Google post, Nearby Sharing now makes it easier to share content between devices that are signed into the same Google Account.

So when this update rolls out to your smartphone, you’ll be able to more easily share content between your two smartphones, without having to approve the sharing on the receiving device. According to the explanations of Mishaal Rahman, who had discovered this novelty a few days ago:


“Nearby Share’s ‘self-sharing’ mode will allow you to quickly share files with other devices signed in to the same Google Account without having to approve the sharing. »

Is Google taking inspiration from Apple?

This novelty seems to be part of a larger effort by Google to improve its ecosystem, so that the different devices can have better integration.

” […] beyond Android, our work at Google includes laptops, headphones and speakers, smart home devices and more. That’s why we’re building on our efforts and introducing easier and more useful ways for your devices, from the Android ecosystem and beyond, to work better together.”explained Erik Kay, vice president of cross-device experiences at Google, earlier this year.


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