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Google launches “Switch to Android” to help you leave Apple

Switch to Android

When Apple launches a new generation of iPhone, one of its objectives is to convert as many Android users as possible into iOS users. And in order to facilitate this change of operating system, the firm offers an Android application called “Move to iOS”. Present on the Play Store for years, this app facilitates the migration of data from the Android smartphone to the user’s new iPhone.

Switch to Android, the Google application is finally available on the App Store

This week, Google finally decided to fight back. In turn, the Mountain View company offers an application called Switch to Android or Switch to Android on the App Store. If you are replacing your iPhone with a new Android smartphone, this is the app to download.

The development of this app has been rumored since last year and today it is finally available. What is surprising is that Google has not made any announcement regarding this app. And as I write this article, the firm does not mention it on the Android website.


But anyway, if you are about to replace your iPhone with an Android, the app link is here.

“The Google Switch to Android app lets you quickly and securely transfer your most valuable data—photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events—to your brand new Android device, without the hassle of cables”we read in the description. “It also walks you through other important steps in setting up your device, like turning off iMessage so you don’t miss text messages from loved ones. »


Google also specifies that it will be necessary to grant a certain number of permissions to its app. It allows to transfer data from iPhone to Android smartphone.

Transfer your contacts, calendar, photos, videos, and even images that are stored in Apple’s cloud

The data concerned includes contracts, calendar, photos and videos. Unfortunately, the app does not transfer apps from your iPhone to your new Android smartphone, probably due to iOS restrictions (the Google app probably cannot access the list of apps installed on your iPhone) .

Otherwise, during this transition to Android, Google’s application also guides you to deactivate iMessage, and to transfer photos and videos stored on iCloud to Google Photos.

Even WhatsApp data can be transferred (but not via this application)


The application does not mention WhatsApp, but be aware that there is already a feature that allows you to copy WhatsApp data from your iPhone to your new Android smartphone. Unfortunately, this transfer feature is not available on all models.

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