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Google keyboard added a magic wand that turns everything you write into emoji

gboard added a function that allows converting to emoji everything that is written. It is a magic wand, which can be seen in the upper margin and when pressed it does its “magic”.


The tool works in two ways. One of them is to press the wand icon once and by doing so you will see that the system inserts emojis related to the phrases or words written at the end of the text. The other option is to press the wand twice so the emojis are interspersed between the words.

It should be noted that It is a tool that is in the testing phase. and for the keyboard to work it has to be configured in English, as anticipated from AndroidPolice. Surely in the coming weeks this option will be extended to more users.


Gboard has many other tools that make typing on mobile easy. Here are some of the most interesting alternatives offered by this smart keyboard.

Choose keyboard theme


If you click on the gear icon, at the top of the keyboard you will reach a menu with several options. One of them is a theme that allows you to choose the background that will be seen in the chats. There are landscape images as well as different colors in dark and light shades.

Translate as you type

GBoard offers a very interesting option: Translate as you type. This allows the user to deal with texts written with ease, in another language. You have to select the input and output language so that the system does the translation as the words are being typed.


To activate this option you have to press on the three points in the upper margin, and several options will appear, including the one to translate, with the Google Translator icon.

GIF Finder

The keyboard has a GIF browser so that this multimedia content can be used when communicating. Simply press the word GIF above the keyboard to bring up different options grouped by the type of message or feeling you want to convey. There is a magnifying glass where you can do the desired search.

Create custom stickers

The stickers icon is next to the GIF icon. Pressing there will see a series of preset options as well as the option to create custom images. The user can add stickers of his face already created with Bitmoji as well as linking the keyboard with other options offered by the system.

dictate texts

Like other keyboards, The system has a tool to dictate texts by voice. To make use of this tool, you have to press on the microphone icon that is located just in the upper right margin, above the keyboard.

Note that punctuation symbols such as “period” or “comma” also need to be dictated for the keyboard to incorporate them into the text.

swipe to type

Another very useful tool is the ability to type by gently sliding your finger across the keyboard. Thus, by dragging your hand from one letter to another, Gboard will recognize the words you want to write.

Write with one hand

Typing with one hand can be a great benefit, considering that cell phone screens are getting bigger and therefore difficult to manipulate with one hand. To activate this option, simply press on the three points next to the menu that is in the upper margin and choose the option that says “one side”.

Doing so will shrink the keyboard down so that it can be used with one hand, freeing up space for other options.


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