Google is working on ‘Augmented Reality OS’ for augmented reality devices

Google has apparently started to deal with the topic of augmented reality hardware again. According to a freshly recruited ex-developer from Facebook or Oculus, the company is developing an Augmented Reality OS specifically for AR applications.

The colleagues from 9to5Google recently came across an entry on LinkedIn in which the Google employee Mark Lucovsky announced that he is now heading the “Operating System Team for Augmented Reality” at the Internet company. As general manager, he was previously responsible for the operating systems for VR devices developed at the Facebook subsidiary Oculus.


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In a number of job advertisements that Google has posted on its pages, you can now learn more about the company’s AR plans. One of the tenders even explicitly states that developers are looking for an Augmented Reality OS that controls the hardware of Google’s AR devices. The team in question will be the first to work with new hardware, as it creates the technical basis for the devices in terms of software, it said.

Google Glass woman
With the Google Glass, the company introduced AR glasses back in 2013 / © the drum

Innovative AR device in progress

Elsewhere you can read about an “innovative augmented reality device” for which the new developers are to provide the software for controlling the cameras. In addition, Google is currently looking for new team members to develop the software to operate the new AR hardware.

In some ads, Google is also a bit more specific from a technical point of view, looking for employees who are familiar with the driver model and the Linux kernel and those who have experience with development for the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). The AR-OS team from Google is apparently subordinate to the hardware and services division of the group, which also develops the pixel smartphones.


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Google’s “fleet” of operating systems is now quite extensive, like Android, Chrome OS, Cast, Fuchsia and Wear OS have a wide range in use. Google had already introduced augmented reality glasses in 2013 with Google Glass, which were also aimed at end customers. Later, however, the focus was shifted to the enterprise area.

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