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Google in a panic! Samsung considers making Bing the default search engine

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Google is dominant in the search engine market. This is no secret to anyone, right? But in 2023, that started to change. According to The New York Times, company officials were shocked when they learned in March that Samsung was considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine.

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  • Google’s reaction to Samsung’s threat was one of panic, according to the publication of the American portal – which had access to internal messages.
  • An estimated $3 billion in annual revenue is at stake with the Samsung contract.
  • Another $20 billion is tied up in a contract with Apple, which will be renewed this year.
  • Bing became an interesting search alternative after it added the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT.
  • While it’s unclear whether Microsoft’s work with AI was the main reason Samsung was considering a move, that was the assumption within Google. 
  • The contract is under negotiation and Samsung may stay with Google.
  • Samsung makes hundreds of millions of smartphones running Android software, which is owned by Google, every year.

What now, Google?

Google is chasing the damage. The idea is to build a new search engine with technology. The company is also upgrading the existing one with AI capabilities, according to internal documents reviewed by The Times.

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