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Google I/O 2022: what to expect?

If you are an Android user or a fan of Google products, then you are certainly looking forward to the new features that the Mountain View company will announce at its annual Google I/O conference.

As a reminder, Google I/O is the equivalent of Apple’s WWDC for the Android ecosystem. And its main vocation is to present the novelties of this ecosystem to developers, but also to the general public.

It is especially the opening of this conference that is eagerly awaited, since it is traditionally during this one that Google presents the main novelties to the general public (the other presentations will be very oriented developers) of Android and its other services. . And often, Google also takes the opportunity to unveil new products.


This keynote from Google will be streamed live on YouTube on May 11. And in the meantime, rumors are already circulating about the main novelties that could be unveiled during the presentation.

Android 13: the star of the event

Naturally, the star of this Google event will be Android 13, the new version of the operating system, which should be deployed this fall. As a reminder, Google has already launched several test versions (preview and beta) of Android 13 in order to test the new features and obtain feedback from developers.


Thus, some new features have already been made official. But Google hasn’t revealed everything yet. And the I/O conference keynote will be an opportunity to present these new features that have not yet been made official to the general public.

As a reminder, last year, Google presented Android 12 at its I/O conference. This was a major OS update, as it included a major interface overhaul called Material You. A year after this presentation, we can’t wait to see what Google is preparing for Android 13.

Still on the software side, Google could say more about Android 12L, another version of Android designed for folding smartphones and the XXL screens of tablets. In addition, the firm is expected to present new features for its applications, such as Google Assistant.

The Pixel 6a has already shown the tip of its nose


On the hardware side, rumors suggest that Google should present the Pixel 6a, the affordable version of the Pixel 6, during the keynote of its I/O conference. The various leaks suggest that the design of the Pixel 6a will be directly inspired by that of the Pixel 6. Nevertheless, in order for the prices to remain reasonable, Google will necessarily have to make concessions at the technical sheet level.

But, it is rumored that the Pixel 6a should use the same Google Tensor processor as the Pixel 6. Thus, the new mid-range smartphone from Google would therefore have the same performance and the same capacities in terms of artificial intelligence as the premium version. .

Whether the price will be affordable enough for the Pixel 6a to compete with models like Samsung’s Galaxy A53 or OnePlus’ Nords, and of course the iPhone SE 3, remains to be seen.

Google could finally present its first Pixel connected watch

In recent weeks, there have also been many rumors about the Pixel Watch. It would be the first connected watch from the Pixel brand. And besides, alleged photos of it are already circulating on the web. It is possible that Google will formalize the product during its keynote.

In any case, this new offensive on connected watches, Google has been preparing for it for a long time. In 2019, for example, the Mounain View firm bought part of Fossil’s R&D. The group also spent more than 2 billion dollars to buy Fitbit, a specialist in connected watches and fitness bracelets. It should also be remembered that at the I/O 2021 conference, Google formalized a partnership with Samsung in order to merge Wear OS and the Korean giant’s Tizen operating system, to combine their advantages.


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