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Google has free tools to boost entrepreneurial businesses

The business profile from Google Y Google Maps they are two main tools for any entrepreneur, with the possibility of accessing potential clients through the web, responding to requests and providing products or services.

Having a digital profile of a business on Google Maps and in the Finder helps to highlight the main information for consumers and customers, as well as share photos and images of stores and products, publish news and offers and open communication channels; among other available options.

To help entrepreneurs and business owners take their first steps in the digital environment, Google offers a basics guide with tips and resources:

This is how a user can manage their digital profile

To be available on Google, users have to create a business profile (for free and find a company profile on Google) by following these steps:

1. Enter the company name.

2. Choose the list of the best descriptions of the society. In this step, it is necessary to consider that it is impossible to create a new catalog. In this way, the visibility of business activities increases when people are searching for a place or some types.

– If existing, add physical positions that customers can access. In addition, you can add Service areas. For example, this feature is useful in the case of delivery or service in certain areas.

– Add numbers of telephone and a website where customers can get in touch.

3. The final step is review the company profile. There are different ways to do it:

– For email.

– By phone.

– Through the search panel.

All that is selected will receive the Verification code, then you have to enter the section ‘Information’ of the business profile, where you will find a button in the upper right corner with the legend ‘Check now’.

When the business profile is set up, there is a tool called Google for SMEs that provide free resources and easy-to-use instructions for customers to search Google and Maps, as well as for the company to sell products online and optimize work.

This helps entrepreneurs and companies improve their digital skills. On the website, entrepreneurs can find resources for:

– Attract and contact a free visitor when searching for small businesses.

– Reach more customers with small business marketing solutions.

– Increase your productivity with productivity tools.

“From Google we recommend sharing and updating the main information of each business, such as physical location, opening hours, contact methods and a brief description of what is offered. Beyond the basic information, it is also useful to think about what the consumer needs at each moment”, he highlighted. Lucas Ansaldo, Director of Marketing, Brand Reputation and SMEs for Google Latin America.

The Business Profile, a tool that will help many entrepreneurs

In addition to helping to increase the visibility of the company and allowing exposure to potential customers, this tool is also used to Measure digital presence.

Account owners and managers they can see how users visit their profile on Google Maps and they use these statistics to monitor the popularity of the partnership among current and potential power of customers. Some other data may be recommended:

– Searches: reveals the searches that users used to find a company. (It is updated at the beginning of each month).

– Users who viewed the profile: Indicates the number of unique visitors to a profile. Note in this metric that a user can register a limited number of times if they visit a Business Profile on multiple devices and platforms, such as desktop or mobile devices and Google Maps or Search.


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