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Google Docs has an easy way to insert emojis into texts

Google Docs. (photo: Composition/ TechMarkup/Jose Arana)

In April of this year, Google Through its website, it announced that the function Emoji 14.0 was made available to all users as a set of emojis that are included in the latest update of Google Docs and that it even has several options to show moods.

Now, Google wants to add a little fun to Docs and for that reason, it will make make it easier to use your favorite emojis thanks to a new word processor tool. Until now it was only possible to copy them to the clipboard and then paste them into a document, but now, you can also it will be possible to write them without having to leave the page.

In a new help page, Google explains that there will be two ways to use them in documents.

In the body of the document the user can write “@nameofemoji” or “@emoji”since this last option will open a panel in which it will be possible to choose between different emojis as it appears in the following image:

Google Docs. (photo: Google)
Google Docs. (photo: Google)

There is also a third option to add emojis to a Google Docs document. Just write “@:emojiname” anywhere in the text.

This is the easiest way to use this new tool since when you write the “@” symbol in a document, the first option that appears is to mention a contact or collaborator in the text.

Thus, add the colon after the at sign you can synthesize the process so that everyone can use their favorite emojis without problem.

Google revealed that the new feature will start rolling out in the coming weeks for some users, while it is presented to all users during the month of September.

Three basic shortcuts to use Google Docs like a professional

1. Shortcut to create documents

In order not to go through the entire process of opening the platform tab, you can quickly create a new document, all you have to do is press Cmd + L in Mac or Ctrl + L in Windows to go to the browser search bar and type > Enter.

For those who have several emails from gmail, they can choose which one to create the document in without having to manually change the profile. To create the document in the main account you must write:

To create a new document in the secondary account: and so on in case of having more accounts. The same formula is repeated for the other Google documents, for example: and

Google Docs. (photo: EP)
Google Docs. (photo: EP)

2.- Automatic translation

It is possible to change the language of the document without taking any extra steps, you just have to press from the open file Tools > Translate Document and then choose the language into which you want to translate in the options box and finally click on Translate.

3.- Offline documents

This mode is very helpful for those who want to work in Docs without being bothered by Internet notifications or are having a bad network connection that day and cannot continue editing the document because they are not online.

To activate it, go to File > Enable Offline Access > Enable. Now you can continue working without interruptions.

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