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Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world: this is the complete list

Google Chrome leads the global browser market with a penetration of just over 64 percent, based on recently released StatCounter data.


Behind Chrome is Safari, Apple’s browser which has 19.03 percent, up from 8.72 percent in April 2012.

The situation is very different from what it was ten years ago when Internet Explorer occupied the first position with just over 30 percent of users.


What was the main browser worldwide in April 2012, Internet Explorer (30.8%), has ceased to exist. It was currently replaced by Edge, which has 4.05% of the market share and is ranked number three.

Fourth place goes to Firefox, which ten years ago stood at 22.5 percent penetration and currently has 3.4 percent.


Fifth and sixth place go to Samsung Internet and Opera with 2.82% and 2.22% respectively.

These data show the significant growth of Chrome, Google’s browser, which in ten years has gone from occupying second position, with 28.24 percent of the global market, to leading it, with 64.5 percent.

How to take care of the privacy of Google Chrome

Chrome recently released a Privacy Guide, to help people review existing privacy settings for their browsing. The goal is for users to understand how they work and what their benefits are in order to decide whether they want to activate them or not.


In this section, it is reported, for example, that in the Safe Browsing option, Chrome offers standard protection and enhanced protection, explaining in detail the difference between each option.

This also allows you to choose when to block third-party cookies, either incognito or always, so that websites only see the user’s browsing activity on their own websites, and not on other pages that are visited.

In the area of ​​Privacy Sandbox, Chrome develops new technologies that protect users from cross-site tracking mechanisms while preserving the open web.

It should be noted that the Privacy Sandbox tests are still in development and are only available in certain regions.

How to update Chrome

One of the key factors to take care of the security of the browser is to keep it updated. Decho, a few weeks ago the company released an update emergency for Chrome, after having detected a new vulnerability in the system. It is the second failure, with its respective solution, which is released in just over a week.

On March 25, Google published an update after identifying a problem in the version of Chrome that could be used by hackers, the company warned at the time. The latest emergency update arrives with version 100.0.4896.75.

To ensure that you have the latest version of the system with its corresponding security patches, you must perform the following steps:

Press the three dots that appear in the upper margin of Chrome, just below the profile picture. This will enter the Settings menu.

Next, click on the option that says Help and then on Chrome information and there you will see the version that is installed.

Keep in mind that once the update is installed, it is necessary to restart the browser for the protection to activate. Otherwise, the system will continue to be vulnerable to possible attacks that exploit the aforementioned flaw.


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