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Google Chrome has 5 new privacy features for passwords and files

The browser announced several new features to protect the privacy of users.

Thinking about the security and privacy of users, Google announced a series of new features for Chrome, which are now available to all users.

Through his official blog, he revealed the options with which users, for example, can block access to pages of the incognito mode or have a shortcut to clear browsing data.

With these tools, the platform seeks that people can “make an online purchase, work or pay a bill with a little more peace of mind”, amid the growth of risks on the internet.

Privacy and security news in Google Chrome

privacy guide

For those users who are not familiar with the features or have not been able to configure them correctly, the browser has a step-by-step of the key privacy and security controls.

For example, there people will have help synchronizing history or selecting Enhanced Safe Browsing, which provides faster, more proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions.

Browser news ranging from a shortcut to delete data, to blocking in Incognito Mode.
Browser news ranging from a shortcut to delete data, to blocking in Incognito Mode.

security check

This is a clear tool in current times, in which a user opens his profile on various devices, saving information and passwords. By activating the security check either safety check the system will notify you if it detects compromised passwords or harmful extensions.

It’s also useful for remembering if there are updates to install and keeping your browser, devices, and data protected with the latest patches that fix vulnerabilities.

The novelty in this section is that Chrome is adding more personalized functions to launch the alerts depending on the websites visited.

Shortcut to clear data

A simple but functional addition. By typing ‘clear browsing data’ in the search bar, a shortcut will appear that will take the user to the panel where they can configure the deletion of this information.

Browser news ranging from a shortcut to delete data, to blocking in Incognito Mode.
Browser news ranging from a shortcut to delete data, to blocking in Incognito Mode.

Block incognito session

Now people will have the option to add a layer of security to Incognito Mode. The platform allows that when closing a tab it is protected and can only be opened again through biometric verification.

This option was already available to users in ios, but the platform deployed it for those who have the operating system Android. To configure it, you must go to Chrome Settings> Privacy and security> Activate “Block incognito tabs when closing Chrome”.

password manager

Finally, talk about the importance of knowing how to use the Google Password Manager which is available on Android, iOS and the desktop version, as “strong and unique passwords are key to helping keep information safe online”.

This tool allows you to automatically create, remember and fill in the access codes for the different web pages and applications. In addition, it is directly integrated with Chrome so management affects all devices.

How to see forgotten passwords in Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome from a PC or laptop.

2. The home page of the Chrome screen will be displayed. Now click on the menu button (this menu button can be identified as three vertical pointswhich are located in the right corner of the Chrome screen).

3. Clicking on the menu button will open a long dialog box, in which you need to click on ‘Setting’ in the penultimate option on the list.

4. In settings, find and click on the option ‘Autocomplete’, which is located under the ‘You and Google’ option.

5. Three options will now appear: ‘password manager’, ‘Payment methods’ and ‘Addresses and more’. Click on the first.

6. Now you can see all the passwords that have been saved in Google Chrome from the first to the last time the user accessed a page.

7. You have to click on the icon with eye shape that appears after the username, which will allow you to view the saved password. For privacy reasons, passwords will always be in that hidden state, so to see it you have to click and hold the icon.

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