Home Tech News Google Chrome asks to update the browser after detecting a dangerous vulnerability

Google Chrome asks to update the browser after detecting a dangerous vulnerability

Google Chrome asks to update the browser after detecting a dangerous vulnerability
New Google Chrome update. (photo: SoftZone)

Chromethe browser of Googlereceive a small but important update that solves a serious security problem discovered last August and that mainly affected Windows, macOS Y Linux.

In particular, the problem is a zero-day exploit, of which the company has not specified how much could have been exploited.

However, Google has detailed that the discovery of this vulnerability was thanks to an external researcher who decided to report the exploit anonymously. The company further states that this is a critical vulnerability caused by insufficient data validation in mojo.

Specifically, it is a “collection of runtime libraries” present in Chrome, and intended for “facilitate the convenient passage of messages across arbitrary boundaries between and through the process”, as can be read on its website.

Google asks its users for an update right now

The Mountain View firm also verified that the Chrome vulnerability was actively exploited. However, she is reluctant to reveal more details, at least until most of the users update their browsers with the patch.

“Access to bug details and links may be kept restricted until most users are updated with a fix. We also maintain restrictions if the bug exists in a third-party library that other projects similarly rely on, but has not yet been fixed,” Google states in a post detailing the exploit found in Chrome.

New Google Chrome update.  (photo: All Digital)
New Google Chrome update. (photo: All Digital)

This is how users can be protected from the Chrome vulnerability

The new version of Chrome numbered 105.0.5195.102, was released on September 2. It is expected to reach all users who have the browser installed on any of the operating systems mentioned above in the coming days and weeks.

Chrome basically updates automatically, so no action is required. However, the program may require the user to close the browser for the installation to take effect. Or confirm the update to install successfully.

In any case, you can find out the version of Chrome by going into the browser and clicking on the three points that appear next to the search bar. then go to Help > Chrome Information. In this section you can see the version number just below the browser logo.

New Google Chrome update.  (photo: Google)
New Google Chrome update. (photo: Google)

Key Settings to Get Rid of Google Chrome Popups

To disable windows and pages that redirect to other windows, simply follow these steps:

– Open Google Chrome in a Mac either Windows.

– Touch the menu three buttons at the top and go to the Setting.

– Gonna Privacy & Security > Site settings.

– A website settings menu will open, scroll down to permissions> Pop-ups and redirects.

To disable popups and redirects.

Google Chrome.  (photo: TutoWin10)
Google Chrome. (photo: TutoWin10)

On the other hand, if you accidentally turned on notifications and don’t know how to deny notification permissions, just follow three easy steps in Google Chrome settings:

– Open Google Chrome and touch the menu three points over.

– Gonna Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Notifications.

– In the side menu, disable the option that websites can request notifications.

Disable notifications for websites in Google Chrome.  (photo: BlogiTecno)
Disable notifications for websites in Google Chrome. (photo: BlogiTecno)

The last alternative to avoid popups would be download a patch or extension from Google.

A free and effective example is ublocker, that can be obtained from the browser itself. It is important that any blocker used only blocks ads from sites that spam with website ads and videos.

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