Google chooses NowSecure for independent audit of apps in the Play Store

Google chooses NowSecure for independent audit of apps in the Play Store

The security of the services available on the Play Store is a factor highly considered by Google, so developers who intend to offer their applications on the store must comply with a series of requirements stipulated by the company in order to promote the protection of the community against malicious files. .

Despite all the layers imposed by big tech, sporadically some threat ends up infiltrating Android applications. Aware of this, the US company selected NowSecure to provide an independent assessment of apps in the new Data Security section of the Play Store.

According to information, NowSecure will be responsible for evaluating details submitted by developers to the Data Safety space. Among the data that needs to be sent are app usage permissions such as location, internal storage, accessibility, and more.

The aim is to find out if some applications are requiring permissions that are not required for the platform to work on Android, in addition to showing the community in a transparent way how personal information is handled, highlighting efforts to protect users’ privacy.

Old Play Store interface. (Image: Reproduction).

This week the Play Store (also known as ‘Google Play’) celebrates its 10th anniversary by offering an exclusive promotion to platform users. During the promotional period, it is possible to get a 10x boost on Play Points, a points program that can be used as a payment method.

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