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Google announces new features for Drive, Docs and other services

Google announces new features for Drive, Docs and other services

Services such as Docs, Drive and Sheets are popular among Google users, but these tools still have limitations that reduce the user experience when migrating from a computer to a laptop, but this obstacle should be resolved by the developer in future updates.

This Monday (25th), Google announced on its blog some features that should be implemented in these services later this year with a focus on large-screen devices. This novelty should mainly benefit owners of foldables like the Surface Duo and Galaxy Z Fold, for example.

The post mentions two key features coming to work platforms in the coming weeks. As with previous updates, this one should also initially be limited to subscribers to plans offered through Workspace, a service that brings together corporate and student packages.

Drag and drop

Although simple, this function should greatly improve the experience of those who edit multiple projects simultaneously and need to migrate data between one and another. As the name suggests, through this feature it is possible to drag blocks between two windows without losing information, as in Microsoft programs.

In an image released by Google, you can view the functionality in the Sheets service. In this example, the user is moving a table between two tabs. Look:

Google drag and drop function. (Image: Eeproduction)
side by side display

Another novelty slated to arrive in the coming days is the side-by-side display tool, a popular feature among Windows users, but not yet fully integrated into foldable devices that run Android as their operating system.

With the change, apps like Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides, etc. can be duplicated and opened in two windows, facilitating navigation and use of resources, as shown in the image below:

Side by side display function. (Image: Reproduction).
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