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Google and its new plan to prevent fake news in the world

The Internet has allowed people to be connected and find information on anything at any timehowever, there are so many search possibilities that false data can be slipped (fakenews). That’s when he comes in Google’s commitment to Fact Checking.

better known as Data verification For Spanish speakers, Fact Checking is a practice that It consists of finding false news or data that can deceive people by posing as truthful information.

A great example on a global scale of why Data Verification is necessary is the COVID-19 pandemic, which, despite having diminished its effects, is still active in all countries.

In its most serious stages, a lot of information circulated on the subject that had led the world population to withdraw at home, however, much of it was false.

In some cases, people took advantage of the moment to terrify with theories conspiracy of 5G or the World Order, make montages and spread misinformation about the cure, effects and deaths from COVID-19. Because there were so many Fake News, someone had to deny them.

While fact-checking has been around for several years now, the pandemic has shown more than ever that there is a need for truthful information. In that sense, Google is committed to giving people more verified information choices.

Through products and initiatives, including the creation of a network of checkers with more than 500 specialists, the technology company seeks combat disinformation.

“Data verification is a key activity to contribute to this objective, which is why, at Google, we join the International Verification Day and reaffirm the initiatives that we carry out with local and regional organizations, in addition to presenting different products, fundamental for fight misinformation together,” Google said.

What are your actions that show commitment

Fact Checking Gadget: Using content checkers, Google checks the information and amplifies it through the extended story box. There, the search engine returns a summary of each topic, and provides access to the pages that provide such information, which also contain verification labels on the Google News apps for computer and applications for iOS and Android.

Fact Checker Explorer: In this tool, people have the possibility of putting a word or textual quote in the browser so that it returns a list with the related facts that have already been checked. In the News tab of the Fact Check Explorer you can already find verified facts.

Mobile Featured Stories: as part of International Fact Check Day, launched a new functionality in the Highlights (for mobile devices at the moment that will be available in the region and Spanish in mid-April). to give more leading role to original results high quality.

Google News Initiative: Since last year, it has created a fund of $3 million dollars for news verification projects related to COVID-19, to which is added an additional support of $6.5 million for NGOs that fight disinformation. This 2022 supports Spanish-speaking organizations from Argentina (Chequeado) and Spain ( to launch a new fact-checking organization in the United States for people who speak Spanish.

Google also joined Chequeado to create a fact checking “train the trainers” program in Latin America. It will train 500 new checkers, including journalists and journalism students in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Also, there is the platform called DigiMINDE that seeks to train citizens capable of discerning between different sources of information, consuming and create quality content and participate in civic life in a responsible and ethical manner.

On Colombia and Chile has carried out actions such as the 2022 electoral coverage strategy, designed by the Editorial Board or a Mala Espina project on Fact Check to cover the constitutional process in Chile, verify your misinformation and explain the issues being discussed at the convention with the Google News Initiative.

Finally, Google recalls that disinformation has become one of the most pressing issues of the moment and it is quite a challenge for the media, digital platforms and society in general. Hence, they carry out their initiatives to achieve the goal of having a well-informed world.


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