Goodbye, goodbye BlackBerry: Classic BlackBerry phones will stop working

Older BlackBerry phones are going to hang up. Models sold before 2013 will be virtually unusable as of January 4, 2022.

They had become relics, they will now be part of the legend! This Tuesday, January 4, 2022, marks the end of the life of several generations of BlackBerry phones, you know, these little phones that shone thanks to their tiny integrated physical keyboard and their characteristic screen. The Canadian brand precipitates the end of a whole generation of devices.

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Goodbye Blackberry, it’s over

Launched in 1999 and propelled to stardom in the 2000s, BlackBerry phones are no more. The company has indeed announced that as of January 4, it will no longer update the BlackBerryOS operating system, which equips devices sold between 2001 and 2013. This specifically concerns BlackBerry OS 7.1 and lower, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and lower.

BlackBerry clarifies that smartphones will not be completely rendered unusable (basically they won’t turn off on their own), but apps will now have limited functionality. The brand did not want a rough cut and preferred to do things “smoothly”, one might say. Gradually, data exchanges and other telephone calls, SMS, or emergency calls will no longer be possible.

No panic, however, for those who have a BlackBerry phone running Android. These will continue to function normally.

If you’re concerned about the data retained on your BlackBerry phone, BlackBerry has stated that it only keeps personal information for as long as it’s needed to fulfil BlackBerry’s stated goals. BlackBerry will discard, destroy, wipe, or anonymize the user’s data when it is no longer necessary or relevant. You can also email a request for the data to be deleted right away to [email protected]

Goodbye BlackBerry, Even if they won’t be there, the company can be sure that they have left their mark in the community. In an unknown place, my blackberry has been helping me well for as long as possible.

Source: Bloomberg

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