Golden Raspberry: child actress withdraws from awards after criticism

In the midst of awards season, such as the BAFTA and Oscars, there is also the golden raspberry, which consistently pokes fun at the worst movies of the year. In recent days, nominations for the awards have been announced, including a Worst Actress nomination for Ryan Kiera Armstrongjust 12 years old, for her role in the film Flames of vengeance.

However, after several criticisms, the organization of the event chose to withdraw the name of the artist from its selection. Through an official note released to the press last Wednesday (24), John Wilson, one of the directors of the Golden Raspberry, announced the removal and apologized to the child actress. “Sometimes, we do things without thinking”, quotes an excerpt from the note.

“We want to say that we are sorry for any pain she [Ryan Kiera Armstrong] has suffered as a result of our choices”, he emphasized. In the same newsletter, Wilson pointed out that, in future editions, new guidelines will be adopted so that underage artists are always disregarded from the Golden Raspberry.

“It was never our intention to bury anyone’s career. That’s why our redemption award was created. We all make mistakes, including us.” The actress or her representatives have not commented publicly at this time.

In Flames of Vengeance, Ryan Kiera Armstrong opposite Zac Efron and Sydney Lemmon. (Universal Pictures/Playback)Source: Universal Pictures

Golden Raspberry 2023: Diane Keaton, Tom Hanks and Jared Leto remain among the nominees

With categories similar to the Oscars, but with another objective, the Golden Raspberry announced its nominees recently. The official award ceremony takes place on February 27 of this year.

In the category of Worst Actress, which Ryan Kiera Armstrong was nominated for, renowned artists such as Diane Keaton (for Mack & Rita), Bryce Dallas Howard (by Jurassic Park: Domain), Alicia Silverstone (by The Requin) and Kaya Scodelario (for The King’s Daughter).

In addition to them, films like Morbiusby Sony Pictures, Pinocchiofrom Disney Plus, and blonde, from Netflix, are also among the nominations. Tom Hanks is nominated for Worst Actor for PinocchioJared Leto in the same category for Morbius, while rapper Machine Gun Kelly earned a spot on the feature Have a Good Fight.

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