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Golden opportunity: Google is giving away scholarships to study and get a job

They say that opportunities should be taken at the moment and not let them pass. Right now, you have to take advantage of Google is promoting scholarships for four certifications of technology that, regardless of previous career, gender, age, marital status or any other aspect, can be taken.


From this day on all those interested in creating a technology careerto have a better future, they can enroll in this link to one of the courses that Google, one of the largest technology companies, is supporting.

At this stage, the certifications are only for Mexico, however, Google confirmed for TechMarkupthat the initiative will be launched in the region in the short termso that in other Latin American countries benefit of the program.

“This time we are launching in Mexico as the first country in Latin America, but I can confirm that this initiative will be launched in the region in the short term.”


That said, in this first phase Google will offer 25 thousand scholarships in collaboration with Inroads de México, AC, to benefit people who engage in their learning and promote equal employment opportunities, with special interest in that women who live in the southeast of Mexico are trained and have more opportunities.

what are the courses

The four courses, with which a Career Certificate will be obtained At the end, they are:


– Information Technology Support

As its name indicates, the objective is for those registered to provide support, that is, to be in charge of solving problems so that the devices and networks work correctly. It is the best for those who like to help others.

– Projects management


Specialists must ensure that a company’s plans are carried out efficiently, until the proposed objectives are achieved. It is ideal for those who are interested in solving problems, organizing and working in a team.

– Analysis of data

Registrants will learn how to collect, transform, and organize data, which will help make informed business decisions. It is the best in interested in charts, discovering trends and patterns.

– User experience design

Finally, there is the option of becoming a person who designs user experiences (UX) in order to make the use of digital and physical products easier and more pleasant. The profile is for someone who is interested in art, design and research.

The best of all is that for these courses it is not necessary to have previous knowledge or meet demanding requirements. In other words, anyone can be a candidate for one of the scholarships or be part of the certification.

In addition, you can take the four available courses. Only It will depend on the commitment and dedication of each person to advance in the agenda of each one. The more qualified the student is, the more opportunities they will have.

The promise of a job

Until the first month of 2022 in Mexico, 7.9 million economically inactive people were registered and who demonstrate availability to work, according to the Inegi ENOE.

On the other hand, according to what José Carlos Ramírez, Google Marketing Manager told infobae, 7 out of 10 positions that open in the labor field are in technology. He added that most of the unemployed have a medium or higher educational level. Among the few requirements is that the applicant has a minimum high school education.

It should be noted that job opportunities in technology are among the best paid, because according to hireline, the average salary is more than 30 thousand pesos per month. Do not forget that this will depend on the area and experience.

Ricardo Zamora, Head of Communication at Google Mexico, detailed for TechMarkup than for technology Not only is the project important, but also to support people who are unemployed, “offering them an opportunity in the technology sector so that they can develop to speed up their entry and enter an industry that is highly lucrative and also help women in disadvantaged situations. vulnerability economy in the southeast of the country.


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