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Glória Maria, journalist and presenter of Globo, dies

Imagem de: Morre Glória Maria, jornalista e apresentadora da Globo

The presenter Glória Maria, from Rede Globo, passed away this Thursday (2), at the age of 73. In a note, the broadcaster said that the journalist was facing lung cancer and brain metastasis.

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“In the middle of last year, Glória Maria began a new phase of treatment to combat new brain metastases which, unfortunately, stopped working in recent days, and Glória died this morning at the Copa Star Hospital, in the South Zone of Rio.”

Born on August 15, 1949, the journalist became known for passing through the main journalistic programs of the largest TV station in the country. In addition to participating in Jornal Nacional, Glória Maria also worked for Fantástico and Globo Repórter.

Gloria Maria in 1993Source: Gilda Mattar/Estadão

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Glória Maria began her career at Globo in the 1970s. She started working away from the cameras, but made her career in television news, marking the evolution of Brazilian television in some technical aspects.

First journalist in HD and in color

In addition to having worked for Jornal Hoje, RJTV and Bom Dia Rio, as recalled by G1Gloria Maria was the first reporter to appear live on Jornal Nacional, in 1977, in a color broadcast.

In 1986, the journalist joined the Fantástico team, where she spent more than 20 years working. In her long passage through the Sunday program, Glória Maria was a presenter from 1998 to 2007.

Gloria MariaGlória Maria and Pedro Bial at FantásticoSource: G1

In his time on Fantástico, he aired specials and interviews with several icons of pop culture, from actors like Leonardo DiCaprio to singers like Madonna and Michael Jackson. In addition, in his last year in the program, he was also the first reporter in a high definition (HD) broadcast on Brazilian television.

In addition to being present at great TV moments in our country, Glória Maria traveled to more than 100 countries producing reports. Since 2010, she was part of the Globo Repórter team, where she did special articles in different parts of the world. In 2019, she became the presenter of the program, alongside Sandra Annenberg.

Netizens mourn journalist’s death

Glória Maria’s death took the internet by surprise and several fans of the journalist offered their condolences on platforms such as Twitter. Shortly after the note released by Globo about her death, the presenter’s name became the most commented subject on the social network in Brazil.

In addition to paying tribute to Glória Maria, fans are also remembering the journalist’s legacy and her importance for representation, as she was one of the first black women to gain ample space on Brazilian television.

Where to watch Gloria Maria productions?

If you want to remember Glória Maria’s main productions on Brazilian television, Globoplay’s collection of journalistic programs includes several programs with the participation of the iconic journalist from Globo.

In addition to recent interviews on programs such as Lady Night and Encontro, it is also possible to watch productions such as Globo Repórter on Globoplay. Much of the content can be accessed for free on the platform, without the need for a paid subscription.

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