Globally available One UI maintenance mode

Everyone’s nightmare is the service visit, and not because many people are afraid of the dentist, but because it was preceded by an accident or a component failure or a function missing. Since the service partners may need to carry out software tests, install updates, etc. during the repair, it is recommended to save data and then perform a factory reset before removing the phone – especially if the accident makes it possible.


1667321464 471 Globally available One UI maintenance mode

1667321464 465 Globally available One UI maintenance mode [+]

From now on, however, we can block our personal data and content, a Maintenance mode and by turning it on, we can provide a kind of service environment to the specialists to whom we hand over the phone for repair. Thus, they get a clean software environment, while our own data remains locked on the phone. For the operation a Settings you have to enter it To equipment maintenancedown there the Maintenance mode select, optionally from the data save a backup copythen the new mode turn onwith which the system restarts and enters.


1667321464 335 Globally available One UI maintenance mode
The S22 Ultra has also received Maintenance Mode worldwide [+]

Once the device has been returned from the service and turned on, we can return to our personal environment by entering our password or other protection from the maintenance mode. Samsung started testing the new mode in South Korea on the Galaxy S21 in the summer, and after the publication in China in September, it made it globally available for the Galaxy S22 family for the first time with the arrival of One UI 5.0 this week. It will be followed by several other devices in 2023, but the date and types have not yet been specified by Samsung.

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