Girlfriends Forever: Season 2 of the Netflix series will be the last

The series Friends Forever (firefly lane, in the original) was canceled by Netflix. However, streaming revealed that the second and final season will feature more episodes: 16 in total, divided into 2 parts.


The first 9 episodes will be released on December 2nd, while the remaining 7 will only arrive in 2023, with no specific date yet. The comedy drama stars Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy) and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), respectively in the roles of Tully and Kate.

Friends Forever will come to an end in season 2, however, the Netflix series will have more episodes in its final yearSource: Source: Netflix/Disclosure


The plot adapted from Kristin Hannah’s bestseller follows the duo’s inseparable friendship, which began in adolescence and now faces new challenges in adulthood.

Season 1 premiered in early 2021, but didn’t get much attention from critics and social media. Despite this, the attraction won over some fans and had a good audience, which marked its presence in the Top 10 of the platform after its launch.


Details about the 2nd season are still scarce, however, much of the cast should return for the final chapters. Additionally, the new year will feature guest appearances from Greg Germann (Benedict), India de Beaufort (Charlotte), Ignacio Serricchio (Danny) and Jolene Purdy (Justine).

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