“Get to work”: Yolanda Andrade responded to Laura Zapata for saying that Mexicans are lazy

"Get to work": Yolanda Andrade responded to Laura Zapata for saying that Mexicans are lazy
Yolanda Andrade attacked Laura Zapata for expressing herself badly about Mexicans (Photo: Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)

Through her official Twitter account, the driver Yolanda Andrade lashed out strongly at Laura Zapatadue to some declarations for Atypical TVin which he stated that Mexico is a country of “eggs”.

His expression came when the interviewer asked him the reason why the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador continues to have 50% approval and she responded with that adjective.

In addition to this, Laura Zapata expressed that Mexicans like to stretch out their hands hoping to receive something and that AMLO is someone who encourages that attitude.

“This one fans them, corns them with 1,500 pesos a month and they are satisfied with that ‘it’s that he corns my grandmother, he corns me, he corns my sister’, then we add up and with that they have to give him 8 thousand and with that they settle”, he said.

And it was because of those expressions that the host, Yolanda Andrade, reacted negatively and responded to Zapata, referring to her as “huevona”.

Mexicans are NOT eggs, the egg is you. You’ve run out of your corn that Thalia gave you, get to work,” Yolanda wrote on Twitter.

It should be noted that Laura is the sister of Thalia and a month ago accused her of not supporting her with the funeral expenses of her grandmother Eva Mangedespite the fact that they had maintained a certain relationship.

It was on June 24 when the artists’ grandmother died at the age of 104, although Thalía said she had been aware of her from a distance, Zapata said the opposite.

On the other hand, the comments on Yolanda Andrade’s tweet were immediate and users accused Laura Zapata of “maintained”.

  Thalía, Laura Zapata and her grandmother (Photo: Instagram @juanjoséorigel)
Thalía, Laura Zapata and her grandmother (Photo: Instagram @juanjoséorigel)

“That’s how it is, His pension is over thanks to Doña Eva. Let her get to work, that’s the only way we hear from this lady”; “Exactly, Doña Eva died and was left without corn. Laura Zapata, do you want me to publish the monthly payment you received all these years? Tell us what did you work on? How much did they pay you in fees? ”, commented Internet users.

Likewise, the President of the Republic responded to Laura Zapata’s comments in the morning and said:

“Millions of people think that way, of course that’s not truethe people of Mexico are among the hardest working peoples in the world but that is classism. If the people of Mexico were lazy, they would not get ahead anywhere and there is the example of our migrant countrymen”.

Similarly, the account that shared the excerpt from Laura’s interview added that these comments were classist and discriminatory, which showed the thinking of the Mexican “elite”.

Amlo responded to Laura Zapata's comments (Photo: File)
Amlo responded to Laura Zapata’s comments (Photo: File)

“In the words and classist and discriminatory attitude of Laura Zapata, the thinking of a part of the Mexican elite is evident: They don’t hate AMLO, they hate the people”, the user pointed out.

For its part, The actress and host responded to the statements of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and with a burlesque tone she attacked those who called her classist.

“Now they made my day. They accuse me of being racist and classist for exposing my thoughts In Carlos Alazraki’s program, really what a level, they are bothered by the truths and then the rain of insults, the ones they always say and if I’m bitter, old, ugly, “he said.