Get the Tomb Raider trilogy for free for a limited time thanks to Epic Games

The company Epic games not only has one of the games most downloaded from PC, Fortnite but also seeks to compete with video game sales platforms, such as Steam.

One of the company’s strategies is to give away new video games every week. During the first weeks of December, the download of surprise titles was enabled but it is time to close the year with a trilogy.

On this occasion, you will be able to access all the Tomb Raider titles on your PC. It is only necessary to create an account in Epic Games and download the virtual store.


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To make the claim, add the three titles to your shopping cart and carry out the transaction like any other purchase. Nothing will be charged to your bank account.

Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Edition: “includes the base game and season pass with all-new content. Explore the Croft Mansion in the new story “Blood Ties” and defend it against a zombie invasion in “Lara’s Nightmare.”.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: “Experience the final chapter of Lara’s origin story, in which she becomes the grave robber she is destined to be”.

Tomb Raider trilogy for free for a limited time thanks to Epic Games: “With her instinct as a weapon, Lara must fight to flee from a remote island and discover its dark history.”

The three games will be available until January 6, 2022. On that same date, Epic Games will enable the download of Gods Will Fall: “accompany eight warriors as they fight legions of beasts in the realms of the gods”.


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What do you think about the Tomb Raider trilogy ? Let us know in the comments.

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