Get Hitman, Just Cause, and Space Invaders, for Android: From Square Enix

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Friday brings a surprise for gamers. The gaming company Square Enix has announced the launch of its three most popular games on android and iOS. For now, they have not announced the date. Three online games include Just Cause, Space Invaders, and Hitman for both android and iOS users. From the title of these games, it seems like these games are based on missions and fighting gameplay.

The company has released exciting trailers of these games. From the videos, the games look pretty good but their official arrival will show how much they meet the expectations.

Hitman video game:

Hitman could be the biggest attraction for gamers. Its trailer is just like a cinematic game video not showing the details of the game. How this game will be played on android and iOS is still a secret. The concept of the Hitman console game is pretty free to move. It can be easily transferred to the android version. The game will probably launch later this year.

Just Cause (Mobile):

The trailer of Just Cause was mind-blowing. The has featured fighting, action, airplanes, and shooting. The trailer is a cinematic video just like Hitman’s trailer. It has briefly described the concept of the game that will support the single-player and the squad mode. The game is completely based on war.

Gamers will follow the missions to complete the story. The trailer has also shown the characters of this game but just in pictures not in action. Expectations are very high with Just Cause.

Space Invaders:

The trailer of Space Invaders shows that it is completely based on Aliens story. Square Enix announces that Space Invaders will release soon just like the case of Hitman and Just Cause. The developers of this game say that they have completely changed the concept of this game. The trailer has not revealed much about the game and its story.

The reality-based games Just Cause and Space Invaders for Android and iOS  will launch soon.

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