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Germany will have one of the largest solar parks in Europe, this is how the project progresses

This is what the project will look like in 2023. (Image taken from the project website)
This is what the project will look like in 2023. (Image taken from the project website)

Two days ago, the start of work on the renewable energy project was celebrated in the region of Saxony (Germany), which according to its promoters will be one of the largest solar power plants on the old continent.

With the construction of this project with zero environmental impact, in addition to others of similar magnitudes throughout Europe, the replacement of fossil fuels such as oil with renewable energy would be beginning, thus reducing the carbon footprint; it is expected that in this region of the world, by the year 2050, zero greenhouse gas emissions will be achieved.

What will the park be like?

1.1 million photovoltaic or solar panels will be spread over 500 hectares, which work by converting the sun’s rays into 100% usable energy for domestic and industrial activities.

In 130,000 square meters all kinds of vegetation will be planted between trees and bushes, with the intention that it be a project that integrates perfectly with sustainable development plans.

In addition to the renewable energy plant, 13 kilometers of green trails will be arranged so that people from cities near the project can carry out activities such as hiking, cycling or even horseback riding if they wish.

According to the magazine “PV Magazine”, the project called “Energiepark Witznitz” will allocate another 10 hectares for agricultural activities and the construction of a hydrogen store, which will also serve to generate energy. Likewise, fast charging stations for electric cars and bicycles will be installed.

What makes it special in the eyes of the world, in addition to its large size, is that it is being built on an old open-pit mine where lignite was extracted, located 30 minutes from the city of Leipzig. Which means that industrial activities that compromised the health of planet earth are being left aside for others that are more friendly to the environment.

The spaces for vegetation and for the enjoyment of the citizens will be part of the plant because, according to its creators, the nature of the region was seriously affected in the years that the lignite mine was active. So they want to improve the environmental status of the area.

The solar park is expected to come into operation in the second half of 2023, producing 650 Megawatts, a term used to measure electrical power. In other words, it will supply energy to 200,000 families of four members, thus reducing the production of 650 tons of CO2, also known as carbon dioxide.

Although the works began last Wednesday, the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitungaún” indicates that there is no official construction permit issued by the German State, so it will be necessary to see what happens with the gigantic project.

What is non-renewable energy

It is the energy obtained from inexhaustible sources found in nature, and which is later used to produce electricity. For example, sunlight is not something that is going to go extinct in the near future, just like the wind that is used to produce wind power.


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