Genshin Impact Shenhe trailer released

The developer company Mihoyo begins the year 2022 with new content for the title Genshin Impact. Remember that it is a free game for all consoles; so its business model is based on online micropayments to acquire random loot.

What gamers are looking for the most are the characters with the most stars and the latest patch 2.4 will include Shenhe, ‘a crane in the wild’. Genshin Impact has released the Shenhe trailer released but the launch has been scheduled for January 5 on all platforms.

This time, it is a fighter who has the power of Cryo and can increase the damage of her companions. In the playable demo that the company shares, we can see that it has a base attack of five hits of physical damage.


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When he summons the spirits, all his allies gain Cryo damage buffs. You can combine their abilities to inflict different freezing effects on enemies, either in AOE damage or focused on a single enemy with the ‘dash’.

In addition to the character, the next Genshin Impact patch will bring a special event: Litue’s annual festival, the Rite of the Lantern. Possibly given to Liyue, a four-star character, for free during the event.

trailer for Shenhe, 'a crane in the wild'

trailer for Shenhe, 'a crane in the wild'


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Shenhe will not be the only new character to join Genshin Impact with the release of the game’s 2.4 update; another character, Liyue opera star Yun Jin, has also been revealed to be joining the game. Yun Jin was first teased during the 2021 Game Awards in December, and it was recently announced that he will be co-starring under Shenhe’s banner. Fans of Genshin Impact will have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks, with the 2.4 update introducing the Enkanomiya area and developer miHoYo presumably confirming the long-awaited Yae Miko for the 2.5 version.

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