Garmin’s hybrid watch was launched with a Qi charger

Garmin is primarily known to the general public for its sports watches and GPS gadgets, and they are moving towards the smart line step by step. The Epix Gen 2 finally brought the OLED touch panel to the top category, while the Venu moves along a more fashionable and smart line instead of a sports focus, of course it does not give up on activity tracking. The Vivomove series has also blazed a trail for itself: the stylish exterior is accompanied by analog pointers and a small, monochrome display, and the now presented Trend learned a new trick or two.

Available in one size and in men’s and women’s colors, the watch with a steel frame and 5 ATM protection measures 40.4 x 40.4 x 11.9 millimeters and weighs 43.3 grams with a standard 20 mm replaceable silicone strap, i.e. it adds to the range of lighter wrist accessories. Behind the round clock face and the two pointers, this time there is not an OLED panel, but an LCD panel of the monochrome type, but the resolution and the screen area in general have increased considerably to 254 x 346 pixels. From now on, the entire watch part detects touches, which is useful, because the Vivomove Trend did not have a single button.

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The display is not covered by the complete hour part: the contents are displayed between the hour numbers and below and above the Garmin inscription bar, including the date, time, sports and body data, notifications and so on. There is the Garmin Elevate optical pulse oximeter, the barometric altimeter, the accelerometer, the light meter for the display, and the contactless Garmin Pay hourly payment option. At the same time, the satellite GNSS unit is missing, which could have been included, especially considering the European price of 140,000 forints, after all, with the Connect ecosystem and the Trend watch software, quite a few forms of movement can be tracked, including outdoor ones.


What is less surprising is that the EKG app, which debuted on the Venu 2 Plus the other day, is not available due to lack of appropriate hardware. It is interesting that the Vivomove Trend can be charged in two ways: with a traditional four-pin connector, which is part of the package, and with Qi-compatible wireless charging plates, one of which was not included in the package. Among them, Garmin recommends the flat and horizontal variants instead of stand and car Qi chargers. The old port may have remained due to the PC connection, although the new device has no music storage, so you will need to take the phone with you for GPS training and listening to music.

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