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Garmin presented a children’s watch

Garmin presented a children's watch

Garmin’s new smartwatch for children gives parents all the help they need to keep in touch with their little ones, and cleverly encourages children to lead a more active life and focus more effectively on tasks. The 5ATM pressure resistance and the fiber-reinforced polymer housing come in handy for this, which makes the watch durable enough to be used for swimming as well.

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Garmin Bounce offers a 1.35-inch color LCD panel with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels with automatic brightness control, a microphone and speaker are available for voice calls, and the LTE connection allows you to do without a mobile phone, as the device is perfectly suited for two-way, even voice-based for communication, of course only with contacts checked and authorized by the parents.

Real-time positioning is based on GPS and Galileo data, the WiFi connection is available as an option, and the device can also be paired with ANT+ accessories. In the app, we have the option to set safe zones, we receive a notification when leaving them, and we can designate checkpoints for the little ones, where the watch reminds them to indicate that they have arrived safely.


The watch supports running, cycling and swimming, registers active periods, counts steps taken and detects and records time spent sleeping while activating do not disturb mode. The sensor equipment is exhausted in the gyro sensor and the accelerometer, so sleep tracking is based on movement. There is no information about the size of the battery, but the watch lasts an average of two days on a single charge.


Most functions are gamified, the use of fitness cards, the completion of tasks or the achievement of activity goals all come with rewards, in addition to collectable content, games and quizzes are also available, and the virtual value of each task can be determined by parents. Garmin Bounce was introduced in the United States and can be purchased at a price of $149, which is currently around HUF 60,000.

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