Gareth Edwards denies having been removed from the filming of ‘Rogue One’: “What is said on the Internet is very inaccurate”

This weekend it has reached billboards The Creator: a new science fiction proposal from Gareth Edwards. This British director has remained comfortable in the genre since he debuted in 2010 with Monstersbut between The Creator and his previous movie has been going on for quite some time: seven years. In 2016 Lucasfilm premiere Rogue One: A Star Wars Storywhich today happens to be the most unanimously appreciated film of the period disney of the saga, but it was not a very pleasant experience for Edwards. There are those who think that this is the explanation why it took him so long to return.

RogueOne reached the barrier of 1 billion of dollars and inspired a series as acclaimed as Andor, but he did it after months and months in which the media suggested that there were problems behind the cameras. Disney would not be satisfied with Edwards’ work, and that is why they would have hired Tony Gilroy (later creator of Andor) to straighten out production with several reshoots. During these reshoots, Edwards would have been removed from the film. This is the version that has been given as true during these years, but Edwards has just denied it.

Presenting The Creatorthe director of Godzilla has defended that there were numerous accuracies in the news coverage of Rogue One. He denies that Disney removed him from the film, since he would have been present at the reshoots and would even have personally directed a scene like the one in Darth Vader in the hallway (often considered the center of Gilroy’s extra work). “The things on the Internet about what happened in that movie are very inaccurate. Tony came in and did a great job, no doubt. Of course it was like that. But we all work together until the last minute of that movie,” explains Edwards.

The reshoots of RogueOne lasted five weeks according to Gilroy was hired in June 2016and interviewed in Business Edwards defends that he worked closely with him. “The last thing we shot in the reshoots It was Darth Vader’s hallway scene. I did all that.” Edwards claims, therefore, that he has a good relationship with Disney, and there seems to be no doubt about this since he later made a cameo in The last Jedi and at the end of the day The Creatorproduced by 20th Century Studiosis distributed by the Mouse House.

Edwards doesn’t want to speak ill of anyone. “Someone has the opportunity to make a movie about Star Wars and then starts complaining about it… well I don’t think people are going to feel a lot of empathy for that type of person. I don’t want to be like them. It was a dream come true. I am proud of the film we have made. What happens in the Fight Club he stays in Fight Club. It’s like that. I only want to dream grateful for what happened and not speak negatively about anything.”

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