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Garbage Queen, the case for TikTok to make a positive change in the face of climate change

TikTok users can now use GIFs with audio

In recent years TikTok It has become one of the most popular platforms. Although many of the short videos they are challenges, dance choreography, lipsync, among others that seek to entertain, there are some users, such as @thegarbagequeen, who are taking advantage of this community to report on climate change and spread the interest to be an active part of the change.

In an interview given by the tiktoker, Alaina Wood, to TheVergesaid that the climate anxiety and “the heat” led her to start making videos in 2020 to talk about that feeling, as well as solutions, new studies and reports. It currently has more than 300 thousand subscribers who are interested in the subject.

At the time, I was in lockdown due to the pandemic, so I was bored and had time to spare. Then he started uploading videos “about weird stuff”, however, When the platform began to recommend videos on climate change, he noticed that many of them had inaccurate data, so he decided to make his own with accurate information.


“I made my first environmental video in May 2020 saying why I no longer consider myself zero waste. From there, I started to build a community of other people who discuss climate change in the environment and realized that people want to hear about this”Said the young woman for the aforementioned medium.