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Gangs of New York: Martin Scorsese to Produce Series About Film

Gangs of New York: Martin Scorsese to Produce Series About Film

A television adaptation of the film New York gangs is under development and is already looking for a buyer to order. The project marks the return of Martin Scorsese (the irish, Taxi Driver) as executive producer and has the Hollywood icon as the person in charge of directing the first two episodes, still without a scheduled premiere date.

According to sources from deadline, the series will tell an original story and will take advantage of some traces of the 2002 script to generate specific changes. This idea, engineered by playwright Brett Leonard, appealed to Scorsese as it was teased behind the scenes at Miramax TV and is expected to introduce characters not introduced in the film, as well as the development of some of the main names in the plot.

(Source: Miramax / Reproduction)Source: Miramax

So far, there are no further details about New York gangs, but it is known that, alongside Scorsese and Leonard, will be managers Rick Yorn and Chris Donnelly. Previously, the director of the good companions (1990) commented that it was related to a series based on the film, whose development was revealed in 2013 by GK Films and would seek to expand street conflicts to cities such as Chicago and New Orleans. However, since then, nothing has been made official.

“This time in America’s history and heritage is rich with characters and content that we couldn’t fully explore in a two-hour movie,” Scorsese said at the time of the announcement. “A television series gives us the time and creative freedom to bring this colorful world to life and all the implications it has had and still has on our society.”

More details about New York gangs will be revealed later.

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