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Gamer accessories for women: how they differ

This is the Aurora line dedicated to the female public.

According to a study of MediaCom 40% of gamers worldwide are women, which gives a strong value to this genre in the market and for this reason, more and more accessories are focused on them.

Initially, the brands opted for color modifications, opening up alternatives to lighter shades and ranges with a greater variety so as not to be limited to black, with which gaming peripherals for men have been most associated.

But now, the possibilities are much more detailed thinking about the physical characteristics of women by developing lighter and smaller devices.

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Gaming peripherals for women

A recent example is the line dawn that has accessories focused on rounded designs, changing the rigidity of the traditional ones, adding pastel tones and features that are suited to the female audience.

However, the price of these devices is what limits them to compete with other peripherals that offer the same or better technical configurations, taking into account that the gaming public is one of the most demanding.

First up is the G715 keyboard, which has a curved design at its tips and is 370 centimeters long. Its format is TKL, that is, it does not have a numeric keypad on the right side, and it has wireless connectivity via bluetooth either LightSpeedwhich is the brand’s own with the lowest latency.

This is the Aurora line dedicated to the female public.
This is the Aurora line dedicated to the female audience.

The technology of its keys is the same that it uses Logitech in other high-end keyboards like the G915 or the G413, although this one has a lower price. It is mechanical, so it will make a lot of noise to the user, but it is a more comfortable format for gaming due to the precision and independence of each key.

At a competitive level, it does not have a greater differential compared to other similar devices, but for users who enjoy video games in a more casual way, it marks a different sensation, although that will depend on each one and the price they are willing to pay.

The second accessory is the G705 mouse, where several differential points such as weight and size are noted. It measures 39.4 mm long by 68.1 mm wide, with a weight of 85 grams, which makes it light, although there are already many mice on the market with this weight for lower prices, even with the option of controlling it with internal accessories.

Its size is clearly oriented so that people, especially women, who mostly have small hands, can easily take it, although there is no left-handed format.

This is the Aurora line dedicated to the female audience.
This is the Aurora line dedicated to the female public.

One of its technical characteristics is the 8,200 DPI, which is the speed with which the movement of the cursor on the screen is measured. A low figure for a mouse of this price, taking into account that it is focused on gaming and is a fundamental section for this accessory in games such as shooters or MOBAs, in addition to the fact that for its value there are many competitors that offer 20,000 DPI or higher.

In both cases, in terms of weight and DPI, the brand has options such as the G303 Shroud that offers better features for a lower price.

Finally, the G735 headband bets on food for those with small heads and ears. Although its great strength is in connectivity, since it offers bluetooth Y LightSpeed to link with different consoles.

Its sound has 40 mm transducers, these are the mechanisms that transform energy into audio. Features similar to other brand devices in that range, so its sound is geared towards a premium experience.

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