Game of Thrones: spin-offs will still take time to debut on HBO

the success of game of Thrones became HBO’s golden goose. With several spin-offs scheduled to be produced at the network, however, most of these releases will have to wait a little longer until they see the light of day.

Recently, according to Casey Bloys, the channel’s chief content officer, in an interview with Vulturenew premieres wrapped in the universe created by writer George RR Martin won’t occur at least until the 2nd season of House of the Dragonscheduled to return only in 2024, is released.

During the conversation, Bloys also explained that, although it has already been reported that some projects have been approved by the broadcaster, most of them have not yet started work with pre-production, in which developers usually meet to discuss scripts, cast the cast and set up the sets.

(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

“I try not to comment too much on the development [desses projetos]so there’s not much to say, other than when we find the story that George [R.R. Martin] will be happy and with which we will also be. Let’s move on”, said the executive.

game of Thrones: what are the next derivative series?

Long before the premiere of House of the Dragon, HBO has ordered a pilot episode of another production set in Westeros. With Naomi Watts in the main cast, unfortunately, the series was soon dropped by the channel’s executives. However, other projects were still considered, including even three animations.

In the field of live-actions, there are four possibilities. The first of them, perhaps the most awaited by most fans, consists of a spin-off focused on Jon Snow, lived in the eight seasons of the original series by Kit Harington. For this project, the actor would return to the skin of the character to tell what would have happened to him after the final events seen previously.

(HBO/Playback)(HBO/Playback)Source: HBO

But, despite having great popular appeal, as Casey Bloys pointed out, it will still take some time for these productions to get off the ground. It remains to be seen which one of them will be chosen to continue what House of the Dragon established in the last few weeks.

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