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Game Boy Color and Advance games reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch

A new leak indicates that Nintendo I would be preparing bring the games Game Boy ColorGame Boy Advance to the Nintendo Switch through its online subscription service.


As referred trashbandacoot Y VGC, the Japanese company has an emulator in its hands that could bring several titles to the portable console. This new leak adds to rumors that had circulated in 2021 and referred to exactly the same thing: the fun of the Game Boy Color and Advance coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The filtration has consistency, because in the past the giant N did something similar with Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Driveby releasing titles from these consoles on Nintendo Switch Online.


In addition, it should be remembered that for Nintendo, both the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance were great pillars for its strengthening, since they were among the best-selling in history with more than 118 million units purchased worldwide, and many of his titles, to this day, remain classics that made a watershed in the video game industry.

It is presumed that some of the games that could reach the hybrid console, in case the leaks materialize, are: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Metroid Fusion, Golden Sun, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, Mega Man Battle Network 2, Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, Dragon quest III and Kirby’s Dream Land, among others that the Japanese company could make known.


Because nothing is confirmed yet and since last year everything has been summarized in scattered rumors, there are those who are skeptical, considering that Nintendo will not make any of these additions in the near future.

Collaboration between Bandai Namco and Nintendo

A novelty related to bandai namco triggered the speculations of the gamer community. The company published a list of job searches for an alleged project in collaboration with Nintendo. Although the announcements do not give many details, the Japanese developer explained that it is looking for specialists to participate in the remake of a 3D action game.

The series of job offers was first detected by users of Resetera, an international forum founded in 2017 specialized in networking specialists in the video game industry.


Seeking bandai namco It is focused on those people with experience in handling assets from previous technologies, who can participate in the development of scenarios, but who can also be part of the work of remastering elements in high definition and even have the possibility of remake objects inspired by past works.

It is not the first time that the Japanese company has collaborated with Nintendo on a similar project, but the two companies have an extensive record of titles where they have helped each other. Among them are games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, ARMs and mario kart 8. Nintendo also enabled Bandai Namco to develop exclusives like New Pokemon Snap and Pokken Tournament.

Although the job search does not go into more detail, Resetera users speculate that Nintendo could be looking to bring some of its iconic titles such as Starfox, Kid Icarus and even Metroid Prime to the current generation.


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