Galilea Montijo was honest about the depression she suffered: “I saw life in black and white”

Galilea Montijose was sincere in Netas Divinas (Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)

Galilea Montijo She is one of the most renowned conductors in the world of Mexican entertainment, but although her life on the small screen may seem very happy, the famous said that it is not always that way, because at some point she came to suffer from depression

It was during a recent broadcast of Divine Net where Montijo deepened that after becoming a mother she went through extremely hard times and it was until she received treatment that his life changed.

It all started when the presenter began to talk about medications and how they can become a support for health.

Galilea had postpartum depression (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo)
Galilea had postpartum depression (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo)

There are also chemical congratulations, and he didn’t talk about drugs, he talked about medications when you’re depressed (….) ‘Without the medicine, I would have died at some point,’ he began to say.

According to Galilea’s account, when she gave birth she had postpartum depression and that caused her to have very difficult months and her mental health was affected.

“It took me a while to come back and when I took the antidepressant I saw life in colors again, I looked again at all colors.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the famous alludes to the depression that she suffered, since a few months ago, during another broadcast of Divine Net She commented that after becoming Mateo’s mother, she was unable to breastfeed the little one due to depression.

Galilea is a famous driver (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo)
Galilea is a famous driver (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo)

“I got postpartum depression when on the third day I came home with Mateo and it was like ‘Okay, now what to do?’ That’s when I say ‘Why is everyone sleeping and I can’t sleep?’ I felt like the buildings were coming down on me,” she said at the time.

To end her participation, the star presenter of the successful morning Televisatalked about how difficult it was for her not to be able to breastfeed her son, because She wanted from the beginning to generate that bond with her firstborn because her milk “didn’t come down”.

“I couldn’t breastfeed, with all this -he pointed to his chest-, because they are just for decoration, with everything and the silicone they are for decoration… The milk didn’t come down, (they told me): ‘it won’t be able to, well no, you have to give it a bottle’, this part was very difficult for me because if I longed for something it was to have this bond”, he sentenced.

The famous has shared difficult moments in her life (Photo: screenshot / YouTube)
The famous has shared difficult moments in her life (Photo: screenshot / YouTube)

Galilea said that she has been stereotyped in her career

During another episode of the show unicableGalilea Montijo stressed that she has received all kinds of comments during its trajectory.

They told me a lot ‘it’s that teibol’, and apart if it had been, I would say so. What’s more, how nice to be able to climb that way and open your leg that way. Sometimes I even tell my husband: ‘oh,’ wait, I already got a cramp, it’s that I was not teibolera ‘”, she indicated with a laugh.

This statement stunned her teammates when began to say that if he had dedicated himself to table danceI would have said it with “great pride”because he admires women who can feel that security in their bodies and assured that it should not be seen as something negative.

In addition, she mentioned that she would have had no problem admitting that she dedicated herself to it, however, she never did: “If it had been, what’s wrong with it? Today there are even international tournaments, I would have represented them with dignity, but that did hurt me a lot”, he remarked.


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